thread: Sleeping through the night

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    Sleeping through the night

    Hi ladies, just wondering if someone can give me some advice ,
    Zac has been sleeping 8/9 hours for the past 2 weeks, at night, (which is great) but last night he had a bottle at 6pm & didn't wake up again til 7am this morning,I had fallen asleep waiting for him to wake & absolutely paniced when I woke up, the cheeky little monkey played around til about 1/4 past then started to whinge for a feed anyway my worry is, is he too young to be sleeping this much? 13 hours seems sooo long for a 4 week old baby to go without a feed, but on advice I had when he started to sleep through was just to let him sleep, but I worry so much that he is missing out on 3 feeds, but I guess if he was hungry he'd surely let me know ](*,)

    Thanks ladies

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    Colleen Guest

    Hi Storm

    Im not an expert but Im pretty sure its normal for babies to sleep alot, in fact its one of the times they sleep 90% of their days & nights , well most do lol

    As long as he has plenty of wet nappies, its a good indicator that hes getting enough food from you

    If you are worried, perhaps speak to your mchn nurse, & go from there.. Although Im sure the lovely ladies on here will start giving some great advice soon


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    Hi Storm,

    Different babies do different things, and I guess you are one of the lucky ones!!! Dont get too worried about it just yet, it is pretty young to be sleeping trhough, but provided he keeps putting on weight OK, count your blessings!

    Your MCHN will let you know at the next check up if his weight gain is OK, she may advise you to start waking him up for a feed. But I hope that doesn't happen!! Nothing crankier than a woken up baby. It takes Jenna about a day to get it out of her system if she is woken up.

    Is he 3 or 4 hrly feeding now? Honestly - wet nappies and weight gain are all you really need to worry about.

    Get some sleep while you can - he might change in a few days time and be awake all night!


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    Hi storm! Here's some onfo on a discussion we had on sleeping through the night a little while ago:


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    MMM I just read through the thread, I guess I'll wait & see what he weighs next week.

    Ha ha Fi I really hope he doesn't go back to 4 hourly, that would be a killer!!!

    He usually feeds inbetween 3-4 hrs through the day, mostly 3, so I guess he is making up a feed somewhere through the day.

    I've just got to stop being a worry wart, after all he is my 4th..................

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    Ha - so really you are an old hand who has forgotten about all the stress with a newey!
    You'll be fine. I'm sure the little guy is perfectly happy, and if he gets the 5-6 feeds a day, thats alright.

    Was it hard to go back and do the newborn again? How are you finding the loss of independence?


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    Hun, remember they still slepp around 18-20 hrs a day.

    Also be greatful, mine is 10 mths and still's not sleeping through the night, not even at his age? 8-[