thread: Sleeping on Tummy?

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    Feb 2004

    Sleeping on Tummy?

    I know it's a SIDs risk to sleep bub on their tummy, but until what age?

    I struggled to get Alexzander to have a sleep this morning but finally got him to sleep on his tummy. He's on the lounge & I am right next to him so I can keep an eye on him, but I wonder if he can sleep this way in his cot yet? He rolls over now from tummy to back, but hasn't quite mastered back to tummy yet - he gets stuck halfway!

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    Hi Sarah,

    I didn't have this query with Olivia till a lot later (11 months) as she was in her hammock which kept her on her back.

    But a GF of mine, who has twins: her boys ALWAYS slept on their tummies. Understandably she was really worried about this, considering the SIDS recommendations, so asked around GP's and her pead about this, and they suggested that the SIDS risk does drop at approx. 4 months........

    Not sure if this is any help to you.....

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    Feb 2004

    Zander is still in his hammock as well for night sleeps, but he fights it in the day so I have him in the cot for his daytime sleeps.

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    Both of my kids flatly refused to sleep on their backs from not long after birth.

    They would only settle on their stomachs.

    Worried as I was, it was the only way that they would sleep and so that it what they did.

    Sorry I can't help much - just my experience

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    Matilda refused to sleep anyway except for her tummy. Thats one of the reason's we went to sleep school too and when we got there she was 10 weeks and started to roll from her belly to her back & the other way too, the nurses said once she was able to roll off her belly then they didn't worry too much about it. So they settled her on her belly from then on. She's only just started sleeping on her sides & sometimes even her back :shock:

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    Feb 2004

    Thanks for that girls

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    I had this problem with Aidyn too from about 4 months. For the first few months I would roll him onto his back again, but after he was about 6 months old I didnt worry so much about it anymore, as he seemed fine, and would roll back if he wanted to.
    Just make sure there are no toys or blankets that his face could roll over into iykwim?

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    We had problems getting Joshua to sleep on his back initially. I started putting him on his tummy for naps at about 4 weeks. He noe does all his naps on his tummy and nightime sleep on hisback.

    But he has been able to roll from tummy to back since about 5 weeks and just about to do do back to tummy!

    I have calmed down a lot since I firsted started the belly sleeping. I was so scared I would check on him every 5 minutes. But now he rolls himself over half the time anyway! :-s