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Thread: Sleepwalking 3 1/2 yr old

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    I just found my DD sleepwalking. Well I am pretty sure she was, I just walked by her door to see her coming out, I asked her if she needed to go to the toilet, no answer just started to walk back to bed. I helped her in asking her a few times, still no answer and she kept opening and closing her eyes but not really seeing me. Once she said no I rubbed her forehead and she was back sound asleep. Does this sound like sleepwalking to you? Now I am worried, what causes this etc? She doesnt get into anything during the day but now I am worried about when I am asleep. Has anyone else had a child who sleepwalks?

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    hopefully it is just a one off, my ds was around the same age when my dh found him in the hallway weeing on the floor - his eyes were sort of open, when dh asked what he was doing my ds said "going to the toilet" he actually thought he was going to the loo. i am pretty sure this was a "sleep walking" episode and he hasn't done anything like this since.

    i know a girlfried whose ds (aged 8) sleep walks alot, quite often he will come out into the lounge whilst they are watching tele and he walks into the wall and doesn't wake up.

    good luck

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    Not that it is much help to you with your little one but my DH sleepwalks when he is stressed and really tired (the combination is what does it). Last time he slipped off the top step (of 15!!!) and scraped his ankles on the bannister. It is a little worrying so we ensure the external doors are all deadlocked (he has previously walked out of a unit while sleepwalking and woke in the stairwell) just in case.

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    Unfortunately no suggestions here but I'm pretty sure my 3yo dd was sleepwalking the other night - actually, I think she may do it quite a bit but wake up as she gets to us. She comes into our room at night, and doesn't always respond when we talk to her. We pick her up to take her back to bed and shes sound asleep by the time we get to her room.

    I haven't been too worried because Janae hasn't been able to open the front door, but she did the other day, so now I'm a lot more aware of what she's doing - luckily I hear her walking around before she gets to our room and wake up (mothers instinct? I don't know)

    Don't know if its hereditary or something, but I was a bad sleepwalker for years growing up - I once went sleepwalking on camp, luckily my friend stopped me before I got too far from the tent!


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    Thanks guys, I'll just have to keep an ear out for awhile to see if she does it again or if it was a one off.


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