thread: Smelly breast fed baby nappies!

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    Jan 2011

    Smelly breast fed baby nappies!

    I am currently working through another bout of mastitis and I have been massaging out quite a bit of yellow-greenish slimy milk/pus. As per recommendations I am bfing dd from that side still. However the last 3 pooey nappies have been RANK! They look like scrambled eggs with chunks of creamy poo and they even smell like slightly rotten eggs! Is this because of the bad milk I am giving her? Could it be anything else? Am I harming her?

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    Jul 2008
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    that sounds really awful for you

    I can't imagine the pus would harm her, it's just white blood cells after all. How does her tummy seem after a feed? Is she unsettled at all?

    What is causing the mastitis do you think? Do you have hard lumps and blockages? I have seen a physio for ultrasound when I get bad blockages that won't shift. It's really effective and can deep into the breast tissue.

    Hope you get better soon

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    If it's come out of your boobs it's fine to go in your baby. It really doesn't matter to much what it looks or smells like. Keep feeding - she'll be fine (PS if you are on antibiotics it could well be that - you know how bad they smell if you break one open?)