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    Is what my darling Kimberley told me she did to Alex's hair. I could see what she had done to her own, but without her telling me i wouldn't have looked on Alex as she had some much of her own hair laying around the floor.

    I took her to get her hair cut yesterday and it looked so nice and today she thought she would have a go at cutting her own. So back to get it cut again we went.
    I've taken before pictures of them sorting it out and once i get after pictures done i will put them on Alex's website.

    Alex now has a grade 3 style lucky it doesn't look too bad on him.

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    layla Guest


    Email me the before pics!

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    Layla have emailed you the before pictures.

    Alex's website is updated with before and after pictures. They can be found in the 12 months section on his website.

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    Michelle - I just had a squizz at them. How funny! What a great story to tell later on!!

    BTW - they are both adorable!! & Alex's new haircut is SOOO cute!!!

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    Thank you Linda.

    DH is stil no keen on Alex's hair but he's got used to Kimberley having short hair. She thinks it's great and tells everyone how she's been to the hairdressers.

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    tiggy Guest


    Hey Michelle, just looked at the pics SO CUTE.
    My Lily did a similar thing when she was two and again when she was three. The first time she found Grandma's scissors and cut off her whole pigtail, elastic and all. Keep in mind that I cultured this child's hair from the day she was born and it was well below her shoulder blades. Her grandma took her to the hairdressers, where they tried to mask it with a comb over. When I saw her I cried. I had to take her back and ask them to cut it short short. She looked like a little pixie.
    The second time I left her in the care of DH while I picked up the twins from a birthday party. Her fringe was long but I hadn't gotten around to getting it trimmed. When I got home she had chopped the WHOLE fringe completely off. More tears shed by me and a big scream at DH, lots of beanies that Winter...until one day, I tried to put a hat over the stubble and she ripped it off me, looked me straight in the eye and exclaimed ..."It's MY bolt (bald) hair, and I LOVE it"! Needless to say we have hidden all scissors from her since!

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