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    Mar 2005
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    snuggle beds

    Hi guys, just wanting some advice on snuggle beds. Im not using a basinette, so it will be straight to cot. Im wanting to get a snuggle bed, but they're $115 or over and then I think you need to buy a cover. Does anyone have any experience in snuggle beds, and what price am I looking at etc. Do you just wrap baby and put on the bed (I don't use sheets or blankets). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Or am I better getting a sheep skin and putting that under cot sheet and putting but straight into cot??? xo

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    Sorry I have no help on that, actually we borrowed a snuggle bed & never used it. Matilda grew out of it before we tried to use it & we co-slept with her until she was 10 weeks. If she had a nap it was usually in the pram or the cot by herself. HTH

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    My friend used one of these. From memory she used a fitted cot sheet over it. It wasn't a tight fit but did the job ok.

    I had Angus in his cot from 4 weeks, he didn't like the bassinet in our room. I just tucked him in nice and tight. I had a woolen underlay under the sheet and he was also in a sleeping bag, but he was born in June so it was chilly.

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    Jan 2005

    what's a snuggle bed?

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    We had a snuggle bed for DD. We got it 2nd hand from someone that DH knew, the sides weren't as fluffy as what i think they would be like if it were new, but it still worked well.
    The cover on ours was a bit worn out, I think we might have used an extra large pillow slip or something similiar. Eventually we just laid a sheet over it when we used it in the lounge room.
    We found it great for when it was hot and DD would nap in it during the day sometimes. We found it useful for when we went away to visit my parents, we would just lay it in the lounge room for DD to have a daytime nap.
    I think we might have only used it for the first few months as DD grew out of it pretty quickly.


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    just thought i would let you know to look around for snuggle beds in other brands. we got an identical item, just a different brand, for $50. sorry i cann't remember what brand it is now... i let you know if i remember.

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    THanks guys, I found one today that Im getting. It's tea tree, and it was under $100. Im going to use a cot doona cover over it, or cot fitted sheets and just lay a nappy in between in case of leakage.
    I like the idea of being able to have it in different rooms and especially being able to take it to mums or people's houses!!
    thanks for the advice xo

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    Just so you are aware snugglebeds aren't recommedned by SIDS, because of the raised sides and the possibility of baby smothering. I know lots of people use them but thought I'd make you aware of this.

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    Snugglebeds are made with teatree so they are breathable if baby happens to end up face down so they are quite safe.

    Zander was in his hammock until about 3.5months then in his snugglebed for another 2 months. We were very happy with it & used it on the loungeroom floor sometimes for daytime sleeps as well.

    Now that he's too big for it we have it in the loungeroon for him to sit in. It great because he has a soft place to sit & when he falls over (which is quite often) he lands on the sides which are padded. We've found as well now that he's crawling whenever he gets tired he crawls over to it & climbs in for a sleep.

    So for us, at almost 8months old Zander is still getting use out of it so it was worth the money.

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    May 2004

    Great idea Sarah I haven't used mine for a while (loved it BTW) I might have to pull it out to see how much more use I can get out of it ... it would be good for camping to, huh..?