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Thread: Soothing a toddler with a temperature

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Soothing a toddler with a temperature

    Jacob is unwell ATM and running a temperature, the poor little sausage. We've taken him to the Doctor who thinks he has a virus and that we need to keep an eye on him and give him panadol and offer plenty of fluids (the latter is easier said than done!). I can honestly say that Jacob has never ran a temperature before, so this is all new to me, and quite scary.

    We're giving him panadol 4-hourly and keeping him cool as much as we can, but he's off his food and fluids, with the exception of the odd bit of milk and a bit of yoghurt here and there. I thought that being hot he would want his water, but he just won't have it, so I've been offering him bottles of milk as it's the only thing he's currently not refusing (although he's not having much per bottle). He normally only has 1 bottle of milk at bedtime per day, but since he's not wanting anything else, I'm more than happy to give him a bottle whenever he wants it!! Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get food and fluids into him? I'm more concerned about the fluids at this stage....I know a day or so without much food and he will be ok, but the same can't be said for fluids! He won't eat anything really cold like icy poles etc which would obviously reduce his core temperature a bit - he seems to dislike things this cold (always has).

    He becomes really upset whenever I try to do something to cool him down, e.g. a tepid bath or putting a cool face washer on his forehead. All he wants to do is to be held, which is fine, except it makes him hotter, and he's having a lot of problems sleeping and is just soooo tired.

    Can anybody suggest anything else that I can try to soothe him and to help him sleep?

    He's just in bed with a nappy on - nothing else ATM, but I'm sure that before long I'll take him to bed with us, like we did last night as the poor little sausage just couldn't settle and wanted to be with us for cuddles.

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    mooshie Guest



    poor little sausage, jacob must be feeling rotten.

    lani has had a few temps in the last six months courtesy of ds bringing home stuff from kinder

    when lani is unwell she just likes to sleep and have cuddles and doesn't eat anything or hardly drink - so i feel for you

    i was going to suggest icy poles like the cool pop things - maybe leave them out on the bench for a while so they are not so cold - he may like the slush. how about those little boxes of juice, i give lani the golden circle ones as they are 50/50 water and juice. you could also try giving jacob a wet face washer and let him suck on it, or wrap a few ice blocks in it and let him hold it and have a suck.

    what about jelly - i seem to make heaps and heaps of jelly when the kiddies are unwell and also homemade soup, i know it's hot but i remember as a kid soup and jelly made me feel better. or even some ice cream (i microwave ice cream for a little bit before i eat it so it's not to cold)

    kiddies bounce back very quickly, you will probably find jacob's temp will be down tommorrow and he will slowly get his appetite back.

    good luck and hugs for jacob


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    Melinda Guest


    Guess what Michelle? Jacob doesn't like juice or jelly ROFL.

    I might try the face washer trick though and see if he will suck on that - that's a great tip, thanks! I may even try icecream, but zap it so it's not really cold and hard - he may be more inclined to have it then.

    Thanks Michelle.

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    Pietta Guest


    Hi sweet- for Ryley's temp we got his favourite toy (woofie) and wet his ears so that when he cuddled him it cooled him down. Also I was showing him me drinking water all the time and you know kiddies they want what Mum is having- even if it was a little bit.

    Poor little man and poor Mum and Dad- its terrible isnt it when they're sick. I hope he is better soon

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    Hi Melinda

    You are right fluid is more important than food. If jacob will only drink milk then give him milk. One trich you could try to cool him down is if hes a favorite soft toy, open the seam and but some ice in a plastic bag then put this inside the soft toy, tell him that the tou is cold and needs cuddles. ( sorry I dont know how old Jacob is) But I'm sure that you could perhaps find some way to let him know that the toy needs cuddles.

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    I have used ice blocks with yogurt & fruit, or I have used diluted formula when she is not eating & has a temp. I give her 100mls at a time every hour & it may be all she gets.

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