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    Over the last week or two I've become a bit concerned that Yasin's speech and laguage might be regressing a bit or maybe a bit too slow. He seems to be talking less and using fewer words than he was about a month ago. Also he used to touch his nose if I asked him where it is and now he doesn't.
    I keep reading that by 18 months a toddler should have all sorts of language skills that Yasin doesn't seem to have.
    I've rung the ECHN to arrange an appointment for next week.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has had a toddler who has regressed a bit in the speech department. When Imran was born I was warned that Yasin might regress a bit but that was 2 months ago.

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    Maybe Yasin is regressing due to Imran's birth & you hadnt noticed earlier coz with a 2 month old you've probably been a heap busier thn before & now your in a bit more of a routine it has become more noticable...
    Maybe he see's the attention to Imran & wants to be a baby again himself???

    I hope the ECHM, has the answers for you... Good Luck!!!

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    dach, I agree with Barley1 it may be a delayed reaction to Imran's arrival, or the 'novelty' may have worn off and so Yasin is only reacting now. Re the not touching his nose anymore, my toddler (now 3) stopped doing anything I asked her to do at about Yasin's age. It was an independent stubborn streak that meant anytime i asked her to do a 'trick' she just ignored me or flat out refused LOL - so maybe Yasin could be going thru the same thing? The ECHN should have some more answers for you I hope...

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    Hi, my son who is almost 3 went through a major regression period recently (he started doing baby talk, dribbling, crawling around and asking to be spoonfed and breastfed). It actually hit when his baby sister started walking, although he'd been fine when she was born. I was advised that this can happen at any stage, and it often happens later rather than sooner because a new-born is so unlike the toddler that s/he isn't perceived as a threat until later on. It could be because Imran has done something new, like started smiling, so Yasin suddenly feels more jealous.

    Also I agree with Kell, refusal to do something when asked is very often a sign of growing indepedence rather than inability to perform the task. The other possibility is that Yasin could be focussed on some other aspect of development right now. Has he regressed in all areas, or is he just neglecting speech while racing ahead in some other skill?

    It's most likely nothing to worry about, but I think you're doing the right thing to discuss it with your ECHN, that way you can hopefully get some reassurance and get on with the busy job of looking after your little boys.

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    I agree with the others - I would say it's due to Imran's arrival. I've also heard that the regression (in whatever area it presents itself....speech, toilet training, self-feeding etc) can be at any point within the first few months in particular?

    I know you must be worried, but I'd honestly say it's a reaction to things changing around him.

    About him not touching his nose, I'd say he's asserting his independence as well!

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    Mason did regress about the time Angus was born but we also moved house 3 weeks before the birth so he had a big upheaval, poor thing!
    Just keep talking to him and hopefully he will start chatting to you again. Mason was like a giant sponge taking it all in and when he started talking we were amazed at the words he knew and could say clearly.

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    I know lots of mothers including myself who have been through some form of regression after the birth of a sibling. I'm sure it will clear with a little time, but if it's ongoing or you are concerned, do seek help.
    Kelly xx

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