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Thread: Spider/Insect bite.....

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    Unhappy Spider/Insect bite.....

    I've been singing "Incy Wincy Spider, Bit you on the leg....." to Isa$belle for the last few days, poor poppet.

    Something bit her a few days ago and I took her to the dr on Tuesday and he said it was definately an insect/spider bite and to just put a bit of Savlon on it. He was pretty unconcerned but it's now the size of a 5c peice but sort of drying out.

    DH keeps telling me spider bites get worse before they get better but I just wanted to find out from others if they have had them how long they take to get better.

    She hasn't had any fever or other symptoms and it doesn't seem to bother her when we touch it. It's round, and looks like there was a blister on it that popped and now the skin is kind of peeling around it - but the centre is kind of like a scab now.

    I will take a photo and put it on my gallery after I get dinner on, but any experience would be appreciated.

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    The poor little thing... that's no good at all.

    What you're describing sounds like a spider bite I had last year. Mine was perfectly round, formed a blister, then scabbed and the skin was peeling all around it! I felt fine too... no fever etc but it was very very itchy!

    Hope it clears up soon

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    To top off my great night of no sleep - I took Isabelle back to the doctor today and it turns out that she has a school sore. I'm so angry with the Dr I saw on Tuesday - why on earth didn't he know what it was? I had mother's group here on Thursday too so I hope to god that the babies that were here don't get it seeing as I've just found out it is highly contagious. I feel like the world's worst mum - I should have known it was getting worse and taken her back earlier and I'm just so angry at the doctor - I think I will write a strongly worded letter to my clinic - admittedly it was a different GP to my usual one but they should all know what a school sore looks like.

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