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    Louis has always been a great eater but over the last week he's taken to spitting out his food. Even if it's his most favourite foods that I know he loves. I'm worried he's not really eating a lot. The only meal he's eating is his 2 weetbix for brekkie. Basically everything else he's just picking at.

    He hasn't got any teeth yet but I haven't changed the texture of any foods or anything so I can't see that being an issue - the only other thing is he has had a cold and a cough. Any other time he's been sick though he's still eaten everything..

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm hoping it's just a stage....

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    Matilda did this today, she's been sick with tonsilitis and not eating for a few days and then ate for a day & then today spitting it all out. She has 2 teeth about to come through and her gums are red & inflamed so it could be anything. I just offer the food & if she starts spitting it out I take it away and try again later. She went 2 days without consuming any solids at all but drank formula so I slipped an extra bottle in during the day to help give her body some nourishment. Goodluck!

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