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Thread: Spitting out food...

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    Question Spitting out food...

    Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do????

    DS has been a reasonable eater in the past up until around 2 days ago. He usually has my homecooked food but we tried him on some jarred stuff a couple of nights ago in preparation for if our power went out with the cyclone. He spat it out immediately so we (being quite proud of ourselves actually! ) thought, "Oh he only likes mummys food". Since then he wont even touch my food and keeps screwing up his face and spitting it out.

    I checked that I havent made it too hot or cold, he doesnt appear to have any new teeth coming thru so we dont know why all of a sudden he is rejecting it?

    Any thoughts??

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    Hopefully just a stage he is going through . How did you react when he did it ...perhaps he is doing it as he got a reaction and is exercising this power IYKWIM. I know Kaitlyn uses food a lot to get a reaction from us ...throws it on the floor , spits it out , eats it and claps ..just exercising her power really!.

    As long as he is still getting enough nutriants I would not worry to much ..just keep offering and not worrying to much if he wont eat , I am sure he will move on quickly!.

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