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Thread: Spitting out food

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    Default Spitting out food

    My 16mth old has recently started spitting out food and shoving so much food in her mouth that there is no way she can eat it. She's just not eating a lot...i know she won't starve herself and will eat when she's hungry but it is a constant battle at the moment.
    On top of that, there is no way known she'll eat anything i make, all she will eat is canned food...or cheese
    Any suggestions?

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    tara were going through this as well, some days are good others arnt!! sophie wont be spoon fed unless its brekfast, i get her to do it ans she'll eat it, finger food is good, a hit with us is pikelets!! easy to make and eat and not messy, i make all different ones, eggy bread is another one i know she will eat, so if all else fails out they come!!

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    I am too having the same problem with my 15mth old (Noah).

    Still loves his bottle and breakfast is no problem. It is the rest of the days food that we struggle with. I thought that it was him teething but now i am really not to sure at all.

    Would love to hear any suggestions.


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