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Thread: Sprirt of Tasmania?

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    Default Sprirt of Tasmania?

    WE are tossing up whether to fly to Hobart at Christmas time or catch the Spirit of Tasmania. It costs basically the same and if we catch the boat we will have our own car with port-a-cots etc. THe boat would be a day sailing but we would then have to drive to Hobart (3+ hours from memory?)/ Has anyone done this with young ones?

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    Hi Soph,

    We did it in 2005 but ours were older and we went in the night. We drove from Sydney to Melbourne and then caught the ship across. The kids loved it. I thought it was pretty good too. I was 11 weeks pg with Ivy and Noah at the time and wasn't feeling the best but had no issues with sickness etc.
    There isn't alot to do for children - a little playground area and a movie room, an obsevation deck, that's about it, from memory. Are you able to go overnight or is the daytime the only available option (I know they don't travel through the night for some months) because for us, it worked really well that way. We got on, had tea and then after a walk around and some settling in time we went to our cabins and to bed, woke up in the morning and were off the boat in time for brekky.

    ETA, not sure but think Fi has just done it with her littlies

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    My aunty just went across there (travelling down from brisbane) while preg (3rd tri) and a 1yr old, 4yr, 6yr, 9yr, 9yr, 13yr... and they loved it! they thought the boat was really kewl expecially the little ones... and they didn't have any hassels with getting the littlies to sleep... The cabins are pretty spacious and comfy.

    And my mum goes across it this week with her 4 - (4yrs,9yrs, 13yrs,13yrs)

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