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Thread: standing in the cot - tips pretty please!!

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    Question standing in the cot - tips pretty please!!

    tell me it will stop?

    at the moment 8 month old DD is obsessed with pulling herself up at the sides of the cot, then she inevitably falls or bumps her head, either way it is not helping in the sleep department...

    just wondering on average how long this phase lasts - anyone? are we talking days, weeks.... please don't say months?

    any tips to stop them hurting themselves? any tips on getting them to sleep, do u go in and lay them back down again or just leave them be...?

    any stories or past experiences would be most welcome

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    Well Laila has been doing it since 7ish months and she is a few weeks off 1 and still does it. I actually think once they learn to they will always do it.

    If she would stand up while I was trying to get her to nap I would lay her back down, now she only stands up when she has had a nap to let me know she is awake and wants out.

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    Ash still stands all the time but at least now she can sit herself down gently.
    Eventually your little one will pick up on how to just lower herself without thumping down. Don't know how quickly that'll happen though!

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    Claire has also been doing it for a few weeks. She absolutely LOVES standing up. She only really does it if she wants me to come and get her, i think. If I put her down in her cot settled, she will just lay down, or sometimes sit up. If I put her down and she is a bit unsettled, she just stands up straight away. It took her about two weeks to learn how to get back down without bumping her head. I dont thnk its really something you can stop her from doing.

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    Smiling while I was reading your post DD has been doing that since she could manage to pull herself up. SOOOOO cute when I think she is sleeping and I hear her crying, coming in the room and seeing that teary-eyed face just peaking above the top of the cot. Get me smiling everytime ... I just ease her back down again and again and again and again. She has no problem sitting down by herself, so I think she is manipulating me already Don't think you should leave her standing, help her down till she know how to sit back down. Patience and more patience and then a tad bit more patience
    I think they outgrow that when they get about 10 and even then you have to stop them from jumping on the bed!!!

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    Haha, well the bad news is, that Riv is 14 months and still standing up, bouncing, rocking, banging, sounds like he's doing construction work in there!

    The good news is, Shell's right, she should soon sort out how to get back down without too much fuss. Though we do still have the odd fall and tears from playtime gone wrong. I go in and tell him it serves him right (and hug him), since he's supposed to be sleeping anyway.

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    Annika has been seeing a physio for quite a while now, and when she was first standing up, in order to get back down again, she'd either let go or do the splits. The physio gave me an exercise to do with Annika that would teach her how to get down safely. You let them hold themselves up on a low object at first, say a coffee table, and then pull them back down on to your lap, making sure their knees are bending, they are squatting and transferring their weight. I used to say 'bend' as well. Annika can now get down easily - just a thought. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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