thread: stay at home dads....

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    Jan 2006

    stay at home dads....

    In light of all the recent discussions about being a SAHM and the ongoing discussions in this forum about childcare and a dad's involvment in his kids, I thought I would share a blog called "Reservoir Dad" written by one of the dads in my DH's playgroup - the "Northern Dads Group".

    Reservoir Dad gives an interesting insight into how men see being stay at home parents. I think it will show people that children do not necessarily need to be looked after by their mothers in order to be loved and well cared for. Coincidentally, the current post contains a damn funny clip from YouTube about what men who are SAHDs can get up to while at home....

    Reservoir Dad

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    Oct 2007
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    Great blog, loved it! Really loved the YouTube clip as well. Have only quickly skimmed the blog itself but have bookmarked it for further reading. We don't have any babies yet but I know that my DP would love to be a SAHD, will definitely be sharing this with him.

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    Jan 2005

    Looks good, I sent it to DH as he will be a SAHD next year, and he promptly announced I needed to buyhim a laptop so he could have a blog and not neglect the children. Apparetnly the thought of writing it when Im home from work or on the weekend has not occurred to him lol

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    Apr 2007
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    I love the song 'Stay At home Dad' (link) at the bottom of the blog. Very cool!