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Thread: Sticky eye again???

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    Default Sticky eye again???


    Liam had a sticky left eye for around 3 weeks after he was born, but then it cleared. But now he's getting lots of gunk from his right eye, which now that he's older (13 weeks), he's wiping away. His tear ducts are working as far as I can tell, cos when he has a sad moment, he gets tears running down his cheeks (so cute, so sad), so I'm a bit confused. It doesn't look red & inflammed & he's not scratching at it so I don't think it's conjunctivitis, but is it common for sticky eye to come back?


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    Oscar had the same type of thing as Liam and lately he seems to be getting a bit more gunk in his eye. From what I can tell with Oscar I don't think it is anything to worry about but I guess if you are concerned maybe head back to the Dr and get them to check it out.

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    I dont think its any concern unless you do think its conjuctivitis, he will be really upset if it is but a little breast milk works wonders on clearing up gunky eyes

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