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    lilyd Guest

    Stupid question about age

    Hi ladies,

    I am trying to work out how old my DD is? This is such a silly question ](*,) but some friends and I were having an argument about how to work out how many weeks old Lily is.

    It goes like this: Lily was born 20.10.04, now it is 33 weeks from Wed 20.10.04 to 8.6.05 (yesterday) or

    7 months & 3 weeks from the 20.10.04 to 10.6.05 (tomorrow).

    So, does this mean she is (33 wks) = 8 mths 1 wk (8 x 4=32+ wk) or do you go by, oh! bugger, I am giving myself a headache even thinking about this #-o .

    Anyway, you get the idea, I am having a mental breakdown now LOL.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Jun 2003

    Unless their under 12 wks I would go by calendar months, but thats just me. I know the MCHN (oooo I have to make paris' next appt...thanks for the reminder) Goes by weeks up until 3 mths and then by months going by their birthdate. Does that make sense? So if it were me I would say 7 mths and 3 weeks


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    Custardtart Guest

    hi Kylie,
    your calculations of four weeks to a month will only give you a headache and a wrong answer, as every month would have to have only 28 days for that to work.
    Why not get a ticker to help you track it?


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    I am one that goes by months as well from when they hit about 4 mths old, so I would be saying 7mths and 3wks.


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    LOL Kylie... I remember going through this headache when trying to work out how pregnant I was, and wondering why I was getting 2 different answers!
    I would do what Kerrie suggested and go by what your ticker says

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    LOL Kylie.

    I would do what Kerrie suggested and get a ticker or make up a website and that will also tell you how many days old she is etc....

    Good luck

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    And doesn't every week make a difference to you when they're little !

    'so and so is 23 days older, so of course they have teeth and are crawling'

    Get used to saying 'and a bit' meaning a week or less, 'and a half' meaning two or three weeks and 'almost' meaning a week before the next month.


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    lilyd Guest

    Thanks ladies, you have put my mind at rest (where it's been for the last 38 years)

    BTW how do you ladies have time to post so many replies??? I always read your posts and they are short, to the point and always interesting!

    I don't think you have any babies at all LOL or am I just the slackest mother there is, I don't have time to scratch myself (totally off the original subject, but hey!!)

    Thanks again, I WON THE ARGUMENT

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    Oct 2003
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    LMAO Lily!! I can only post while Matilda's asleep as this is always designated me time, I only clean or do things productive when she is awake (that includes scratching myself)

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    LOL Lily! Glad you won your argument

    I am like Christy, I also usually only post when Aidyn is sleeping, and try to get a lot of my cleaning done while he is awake. It has taken me a while though to get the hang of it, and during that time the housework had to suffer, lol!

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    Melinda Guest

    I only post when Jacob is asleep or DH is doing things with him......

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Gald you won the argument Lily.

    I am pretty lucky with Nicholas, he is happy playing with his toys or watching Hi 5 so I can get onto BB.

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    Pietta Guest

    I have the luxury of having DH home with me so I could post all the time!

    I would say 7 months 3 weeks too. I had this huge arguement with DH and i went by 4 weeks!

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    Mar 2005


    Hey lilyd, check this out, my son William was born on the 21/10/04, so look at the bottom of my post and Ive got hoe old Will is, just simply take away 1 day? LOL O