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Thread: sucking own tongue

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    Fraser Guest

    Default sucking own tongue

    Does this sound normal?

    Charlie licks his top lip and sucks on his own tongue - he gets so excited/agitated by it that his hands shake.

    he's not hungry because I tried that and found out in no uncertain terms he wasn't interested.

    he seems to suck it at the front of his mouth (does that make sense) but sometimes chokes on all the saliva he then creates.

    has anyone else had this?

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    Paris is nearly 5 and still does it Some kids just really enjoy the sucking motion. Paris will still cuddle her baby bear and suck on her tongue when she's tired...


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    Fee Guest


    Yeah Cooper does this too. Although he doesn't get so excited his hands shake!!! LOL

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    Tallon did this for a few days. I got it on video it was so funny. LOL. And lo and behold.. he had a tooth within a couple of days! And he stopped doing it! Perhaps Charlie's teething?

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    DH and I both did it as kids. Just like thumb sucking, but unfortunately MUCH harder to break! You might want to introduce a soother, just to give him something to suck on that will be easier to deal with when the time comes to give it up. To be completely honest (and I'm totally embarrassed to admit it!) I find myself still doing it occasionally when I''m really tired or feeling stressed. Believe me - my mother tried to get me to give it up, and now I'm pretty sure it's too late.
    But at least it's a pretty harmless comfort method - no drugs, smoking, or alcohol.

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