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    Ok, call me paranoid but Abbey has suddenly (as in over the last two days) had a massive increase in how much she sleeps. I know babies are (theoretically) suppose to sleep an average of 16hrs a day but Abbey has always been a 4-5hr, 2-3hr, 2-3hr routine over night and a 4hr sleep sometime in the afternoon if I'm lucky. Yesterday she fell asleep about 3pm (with a few catnaps before hand) and slept until about 9pm for a feed then went back to sleep until about 3am for a feed then was up again about 630 for a feed and then again at 8 for a shower, cuddle and feed before going back to sleep until about 1pm (so about 3hrs sleep). Went back to sleep about 2:30 for half an hour woke for feed back to sleep about 5pm and is still asleep (now 9.30). As you can see, this is a MASSIVE increase in sleep for her. Should I be worried or is this likely to be linked to a growth spurt? She has no other signs of illness but has been feeding about 2 hourly during the days over the past 4-5 days. She has just gone 6 weeks.



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    Never say your paranoid, because your not. You are a mum, it's only natural. I was like that too when my daughter was born. Being a first time mum at the time I took her to our GP, he made me feel quite stupid when he discussed with me about the growth spurt that babies get, and that there is nothing to worry about. And sure enough after a few days she was back to her old self. As long as there no other symptoms everything will be just fine

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    Sounds like a growth spurt... though I wish someone would tell DS it's supposed to have stopped by now (I have him snoring on my chest right now after having grown another 3cm in 8 days). Growing is a tiring business, and appears quite painful (DS cried so much that he lost his voice... DH and I eventually took him to the doctor who told us it was "just" colic after about 14 hours of daytime screaming and gave him some Calpol). I'd have loved it if DS slept and didn't cry so much!

    Do go see a professional if you're worried/scared about anything, they can only put your mind at rest.

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    I say she's starting to get into a sleeping through pattern. As long as she's feeding, and you say she is every 2 hours, and has wet nappies i think shes fine. She probably just so cozy all rugged up, with the weather being a bit cooler of late, it is probably helping her sleep rather than the previous hot days. If youre still worried go see your HCN or GP just for piece of mind.

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    I hear you Ryn! I admit I loved all that time to catch up on my housework!!! I wish someone would tell Abbey growwth spurts are meant to be spurts and not continuous too! Must have just been a "big" spurt because she looks and feels bigger to me and is back to her old ways this morning... now in my arms with one eye on me and the other shut waiting for Daddy to get up so Mummy can shower in peace

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    Im so glad things have settled down, Sounded like Abbey was having a huge growth spurt to me! Jett is doing the same thing lately too...

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