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    Hi everyone

    Just wondering when is the earliest you can use sun screen on babies?

    We go away a lot water skiing etc and whilst I don't plan on having our baby out in the sun, he will still be outside under shelter and was wondering when it's safe to use it on newborns?

    Is there a special cream that you get for babies?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    I just recently bought the UV Natural one - its about $15 for a small tube - quite thick. It does say to get a doctor to advise if under 6 mths of age, so maybe speak to your MCHN - this one is natural too, so I would imagine the normal ones for kids wouldn't be appropriate either. There is also another natural one called Soleo - not sure about the age for that one.

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    There is one suncream called moi moi (i think thats what it is) it is for babies and has no perfume or bad chemicals in it. It is quite expensive but it is great, i think most chemists have it and i think it was around $20.

    My 4yo dd3 is allergic to sunscreens and this one is fantastic and smells like baby powder so i can't stop smelling her when she has it on.

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    Sep 2007

    The Soleo one says that you can use from newborn. It uses nanofine zinc oxide as the active ingredient, and I think they also use zinc oxide in a lot of nappy rash treatments. I use it myself and it is a really nice cream.

    The UV Natural one is very similar, the main difference is that it uses iron oxides as well as zinc oxide, which give a tint to the cream. Iron oxides are said to increase the UV protection (by broadening the spectrum) but I've read conflicting info on this - apparently it will have little to no effect at the proportions that are used in a product like the UV Natural sunscreen. Iron oxides are usually used as colourants in natural cosmetics so it may have just been added to make it look prettier!

    I've heard that some people prefer the Soleo because the UV Natural marks light clothing, but don't know whether this is true or not.

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    banana boat pink rollon available just about everywhere

    we started using it @1 month same reason except fishing not ski-ing anyway I checked with my dr they said try a tiny bit on his arm leg see for any reactions and if nothing then is fine...........

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    The cancer council one they recommend from 3 months onwards. But definitely do a skin test beforehand

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    I thought the UV one had a tint to it- its really thick and greasy too a bit annoying as I think just about any of the Kids ones will be ok now - arrgghh well luckily I only got a little tube.

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    Shade ofcourse is best for bubs under 3 months.

    SunSense by EGO is the best for bubs and toddlers and the whole family after many discussions with chemists as I am a bit anal in that department and my kids.

    But there are many baby ones that are great out there...always do a small patch of skin test first with any product.

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    I was looking the other day. All the ones I seen said from 6 months of age.

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    The pharmacist told me from 6 months of age but some babies are fine from 4months of age