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Thread: Taking baby OS??

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    Default Taking baby OS??

    Has anyone taken their baby overseas?

    We hope to go on 2 trips next year, one to china (bubs not coming) but one to the US and I would like to take bubby on this one....

    I have a lot of questions... we will be staying with a friend so once we get there, no dramas... just worried about the plane... how would i change her nappy? how would she sleep? i cant hold her for 24 hrs or how ever long it takes.....

    She will be 1.

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    I travelled when Ariani was 5 months, when Shay was 6 months and Zaki was 4 months. We are going to Singapore in Dec, when Charlie is 7 and a bit months old.

    Firstly, when you book your flights, ask your agent to book you a bassinet for bubs. These attach to the wall and bub can sleep in it during the flight. Also ask that they order baby food for Abby. The loos have change tables so that's where you can change her nappies, and in my experience, in the quiet times, I've always had a flight attendant or two be happy to take baby for a walk round the plane if it gets too much for you.

    Last but not least, make sure Abby has something to suck on (bottle or boob) when you're descending. It helps with the pressure in her ears. She may have a cry anyway, but sucking apparently helps their little ears to 'pop'

    Good luck!

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    Agree with everything Sushee says....

    I took Charlie on a return flight to the UK when he was 9 months, and it was fine....

    The flight staff were all helpful, and I took everything and anything I thought I might need. (Changes of clothes, double the nappies and food I thought we might use etc etc)

    We had a bassinet seat and meant that I could pop Charlie in there for sleeps and also he could sit in it and chortle away and play when he was awake, so he wasn't on me the whole time......(that may be tricker with a mobile 1 year old though.....)

    It is SO worth doing it. The inconvenience of the journey is more than made up for once you get there!

    ETA.......Just remembered another thread about it:
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    Agree 100%
    I took Maddy to Bali & back atleast 5 times in her first 2 yrs!
    Infact she is on to her 2nd passport already!
    I made sure to offer plenty of fluids & changed nappies in the toilet as Sushee says....
    I didnt get a bassinette on my first trip when she was about 9wks old & was given a window seat thankfully the guy next to me offered to swap to the window seat so i had a little bit more room.. On all other flights I did get the Bassinette seat & it was a life saver...
    The air hostess's often would play & nurse Maddy while I ate or went to the loo etc....

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    If the budget will stretch that far try getting a portable DVD player and taking a small selection of favorite DVDs. My cousin just bought her 2 children from the US (20months and 3yo) and she said it kept them entertained for hours.
    Try and book a flight for mid-week when its not so likely to be busy - you're more likely to get an empty seat beside you which is a bonus. My sister and I got a row of 4 seats to ourselves on a sydney-dubai flight and Yasin stetched out on 2 of them and slept most of the way.

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    I've travelled short flights (NZ and Pacific Islands) a few times now with Jenna, and what the other say above is all good stuff.
    Different staff will treat you differently, I dont know why. For example last time I flew with Qantas they wouldnt let me change Jenna's nappy in the cabin, even though it was only a wet one. Apparently its illegal as its a place where food is served. I had done it several times in the past.... The toilets are really small for a wriggling baby!
    Also, some airlines wont let you lie your baby down on a row of seats - apparently again this is illegal. They wont let you have your baby crawling down the aisle either - again illegal!
    As you can tell my last flight scared me off a little, specially as I was by myself and got NOOOO help from anyone around me. I even had to ask one of the stewards for a break. They were very rude.

    But generally its all OK. Make sure you take heaps of wipes, and small light weight toys. I take a couple of books cause they are good for distraction on take off and landing. Specially as this is the time that all electonic devices have to be put away, so a distraction for that seatbelt stage is great.
    Pinch the baby through customs and passport control for usually better service Just kidding - but in all seriousness, sometimes a crying baby will get you attention from the officers, and entry into the quick line!

    Have a great time, and enjoy the experience!

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    Emz - I leave on monday for a 6 week holiday in europe via Dubai so I will let you know how DH and I go with Allegra... up until now I have not been nervous at all.. but as the day looms I am having a bit of a panic.. eeekkkk its only a few days till we go and so much to do!

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