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    noobie Guest

    taking newborn out on trips

    Our little one is 10 days old and at 6 days out we took her to local shops, then the day after to the local farmers market and today down the coast for a half day trip. She pretty much slept through all of it and went from the car capsule to the baby bjorn carrier and the pram without too much grumbling.

    I timed our outings to start after her morning and afternoon feed but I also managed to be brave and discreetly breastfeed in public for the first time on a bench in the main street and not feel weird about. This was my biggest worry.

    Breastfeeding is working out pretty well for us even though this is my first baby, and if I was having problems feeding her I definitely would be more cautious about venturing out - but all seems to be fine so I just want reassurance that we aren't putting her at any major risk.

    Are we being a little too under cautious about her chances of picking up virus/bacteria? Should we wait a while longer before any more days out?
    A few of my friends said they didn't leave their houses for weeks sometimes 2 - 6 weeks so now I'm wondering if we are being a bit reckless and should protect her a little more?

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    Aug 2006
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    Do what you think is right and what you feel confortable. I took Olivia to a party when she was 6 days old, we went out and about as much as we could. I took her up to Bendigo which is a 2 and a half hour drive and also to Maldon when she was about 3 weeks old. If they are going to pick something up, then they will. You and her dad, or any relative or friend might bring something to you. You cant stop doing what you do in fear of bubs getting sick, if they do get sick, just dont take them out to where others can catch it.
    Sorry for the rambling, but in a nutshell......just enjoy your new life as a family

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    Jul 2007
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    Go for it, it feels great to get out and about, much better than being stuck at home.

    Good on you and congratulations xox

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    Sep 2005
    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    go for it - unless there is a reason YOU feel you should't go out go for it. I had my child out from day one I got home where I could - whether it be away on hols or just to the shops. I had a child who seemed happy enough to travel in cars, go for walks and be out and about so I made the most of it (especially while DH was home)

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    As other posters have said.. go for it. if you feel like going out go out.. We took our youngest son for his first beach trip at 8 days old. It was windy but we protected him from the wind.

    Good on you for Breastfeeding in public. It took me ages to work up the courage!

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    Apr 2006

    Yep, I'm with the others. Get out as much as you can - great for your bubs and brilliant for you. I took my DD out from the day I took her home from hospital. What I didn't do though was allow her to be passed around too much, but that was as much because it overstimulated her and made her grumpy and harder to settle back at home as it was to avoid any viruses etc. She has managed to get to 5.5 months of age without being sick at all, so it certainly hasn't done her any harm.

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    I wouldn't worry. If you had school aged kids at home as well they would be bringing home all sorts of viruses from school and you would still let them come home. Bub has an immune system and as is BF gets some from you as well.

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    Nov 2006

    Yep go for it! Our bubba is 2 weeks old and we haven been out a couple of times! Feeding in public for the first time is a bit daunting but it needs to be done hey!
    I really enjoy getting out and about! It keeps me sane!
    But just do what feels right for you and baby! GOOD LUCK!

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    I'd say go for it.

    I took DD Christmas shopping when she was 4 days old. I first took DS out shopping when he was about a week old. Their immunity is still pretty good when they're first born - they still have a good dose of your antibodies plus are getting more from your breastmilk. My two never had even a sniffle as newborns and I took them everywhere.

    Much better than slowly going barmy at home too

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    Feb 2007

    Hi - I take Noah out all the time - we go somewhere every day (out for coffee, long walks, shopping, out for dinner etc) and he has even been to a wedding... I agree re not having the bub passed around - i was at a lunch on sat and lots of ppl held him and he was so unsettled when we got home and also i missed him LOL!!! I think if your bubs is ok going out and you enjoy it, do it as much as you like and what works for you both.
    WTG withthe b/f as well, this was something i was also nervous about so i also tried it from the start and i am getting more and more confident with it now.

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    Get outta the house............ we did when DS was very very young.

    As for viruses, he is going to get them at some stage. Daniel didn't even have so much as a sniffle until he went to Day Care at 6 months old and we were constantly out and about.

    I didn't pass DS around, but he was always close to me in his carrier or pram. But the sooner you get out of the house and back in to real life the calmer you'll be, I reckon. Life happens and your little guy wants to learn what you've been doing. He's been going to all of these places and hasn't been able to see. They don't make bellies with windows.


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    Enjoy going out while your bub will sleep most of the time!!

    I loved going shopping with her fast asleep for ages in the Hug-a-bub, strapped to me and needing nothing but a bf when she was hungry. She has caught plenty of colds in her 19 mths but nothing serious and not as a newborn.

    As they get older they sleep a lot less and no longer have the tolerance for long shopping trips looking at the boring stuff mummies like. *sigh*

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    noobie Guest

    Aw, thanks guys for the words of encouragement. Makes me feel so much better and less worried - good to hear that other people are getting out and about with their little ones and that we don't have to be cave hermits because we have newborns. I agree about limiting how much they are passed around around as even cuddles from one or two people can cause a little grumpiness.

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Noobie - I agree, getting out is great. Gave me a lot of confidence in looking after Pip too, which was sadly lacking! Plus keeps you sane and fit

    Good on you! All you need to do now is update your ticker with her birthdate

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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    Like everyone else said go for it!!! It's often the best time as you always have the boobie when needed & they love the motion so they tend to sleep a lot. It's more of a task when you have to pack food & so on!!!
    Get out when you feel like it!! I had Charlie in SA where we used to live to be near close friends & family, we then headed back here after just a few wks. So I wanted to show him off, we took him to the local footy match when he was 5days old - he slept most of the time.

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    Feb 2007

    We took Ryan out for a quick trip to the shops today, I was so worried he'd scream and I wouldn't be able to stop him. We fed and changed him and he doesn't even know he left the house lol slept the whole way. I say go for it the more bugs the better the immune system lol

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    Jan 2006

    Not going out for 2-6 weeks at a time? How do these people stay sane.

    Your baby is going to meet bacteria and viruses. Far, far better now than age 5 when it could trigger a severe reaction. I took DS out and about loads, still do, and he's on his third cold, but is so healthy. He loves going out and being admired!

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Our son is almost 12 weeks old.

    we did not waste time going out and about, and I too think people who lock themselves inside for weeks are a little crazy.

    My figuring was that I needed to leave the house and in order to have a happy baby, he would need a happy mummy.

    Plus doesn't getting out, talking to people and getting out in the fresh air and stuff help if someone was suffering PND?


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