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    Talent Modelling Agencies

    Baby-boy has been asked to attend an interview (!!!) at a modelling agency to see if he would be suitable to go on the books. Cool, I think, this might be fun. The only thing is the "registration is $275 per year, and the agency takes a 10-20% cut of any earnings.

    Wow, thats alot isn't it?. It covers photos, headsheets, blah, blah, blah.

    I'm not hellbent on getting him on the books, but it might be interesting, baby is a shocking charmer etc.

    Is there anyone out there whose child does the modelling thing, and could advise me??

    Cheers, Lulu

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    Hey there
    $275 isnt alot compared to what some agencies charge. Ash enrolled in one just before chrissy, so its the 2005 head sheet book. I dont really mind either way what happens, but i just thought it would be nice to have some extra money to put in her savings account.
    She's at the stage where as soon as she sees a camera the hands go on the hips, the head tilts to the side and a huge smile covers her face. She just adores having her photo taken. She's a real little performer and i thought shed enjoy doing it. If she hates it, then i'll stop it

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    Hi - just wondering what the names of the agencies that you are both with?


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    Marisa has done modelling for some time now and I really have to emphasise to do your homework... there are >>sooo<< many dodgy agencies out there, and of course they will ask you to come in for an interview and sign you up as it means more money for them even if you don't get work...

    Some tips I would suggest would be to find out how many kids they have on their books and how many in each age category, how many they send out to each interview/potential job etc. Find out if they are a member of any industry associations - the controversial "Polkadotts" was not and they are the ones who went down and took everyone's money with them! See or search for any testimonials by clients and maybe families too.

    It's really hard to find a good agency, and remember, you are never guaranteed work as you never know what the client is looking for exactly and especially if the agency has lots of kids. Good luck and sorry to sound negative!!! There is work out there though, Marisa has been to lots of Target shoots and also K-Mart. This included a swimwear shoot on the beach, which of course is done well before summer and it was very upsetting for her at only a year old being cold (starting to rain - it was spitting!), I told them it was too cold to continue to do it and will always stand my ground in such circumstances.

    I don't let them take over totally just so they can get their shot regardless, but normally they do a great job to ensure the kids are having fun and have lots of bubbles, toys, beach balls floating around in the background to make them smile/laugh or to destract them. She has gone a couple of times and been upset so I just tell them it isn't her day and pick her up for cuddles. But this was moreso when younger and they all have their days at that age.
    Kelly xx

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    I agree with Kelly, you have to be EXTREMELY careful!

    I don't have children myself, but I have had bad experiences myself. The first one being where one lady from an agency came up to me in the middle of pitt street mall, and asked me to call her. Being 16, I did, and went in for a photo shoot. They promised me work at the start of it all, but by the end, they told me that now that I had a portfolio (which I had to pay $265 for), it was up to me to go to agencies and get myself the work. I mean that is fair enough if they would of told me that before I paid them!
    The lady I babysit for is a model for Chadwicks and she said that the photos I got done were shocking eg. the lighting was bad.

    The second experience was with a different agency. I got called in to be an extra. It was for a beach scene, so we had to walk up and down the beach over and over in the hot sun and it was an 8 hour day. I was burnt and dehydrated and after all of that they never paid me along with most of the other kids there.

    So all I am saying is that you have to be very careful with which agency you choose. Find out as much info you can about them and ask other people whether they have heard any good or bad.

    Also another thing to think about is that modelling work is not always easy. There are very long hours involved and can be a very exhausting for a little child.

    Hope this information healps you out a bit.

    Good Luck,

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    There is an article in the Sep/Oct edition of Pregnancy and Birth mag about child actors - similar to modelling maybe? Anyway they list a few agencies they recommend in NSW, Vic and SA. Let me know if you would like me to email the list to you.


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    Thank you everyone, this is just the info I was looking for.

    Bambini Agency seems to be above board, I think I'm going to let it go for awhile though. I think I'm a little to busy for this kind of thing right now!!! I cancelled the appt for the moment.

    Thanks again.

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    There is an article in the Mother & Baby mag that came out last week about children modelling. It has interviews with parents & they both use Bambini Models.

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    Bambini are quite well known but also quite expensive. Ashlea is with Bayside modelling. They have sent me a copy of the head sheet book for 2005 so Ashlea has her own copy, plus send out emails every month to the parents that list all the children that had auditions and got jobs etc. Their web site is only accessable via a certain 'click here' link that the parents need permission to access so just anyone cant get to it. They also limit the number of kids per age so that its not like there are heaps and heaps of three year old girls etc.