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Thread: temper tanty's :(

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    Default temper tanty's :(

    i dont know if its just my patience wearing out, or if they are becoming more frequent, but Krystal seems to just scream and cry over everything at the moment.. for the last 4-5 days, every nappy change has been an adventure (i have been trying for the last 45 minutes to get a napy on, as we have to go out in about 10 minutes, but she just wont let me near her! she will lay down if i give her the box of wipes to hold, but if i have th nappy in my hand she is off!) she screams if we close the fridge/pantry/laundry and bathroom doors, she wants tegh wiggles on 24/7, then screams if we dont fast forward thru the scenes every 2 minutes... the list goes on.

    someone tell me this is a phase, and it will pass.... shes almost 18 months, and up untill now she has been a dream!!! its starting to get me really upset, i just dont know what to do. like now she is screaming and pulling my arm, but if i get the nappy she screams again...


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    Have you kidnapped my daughter!!!!!!

    lexy is the same at the moment.. she has full on throw herself on the floor & scream tantrums... which are happening more often!!!!

    Heres hoping they pass soon for both of us!!!

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