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    Question Thermometers

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of a good thermometer brand/type?? Is it something I will need for my baby? I was looking on Ebay and there are so many choices that I'm not sure what to go with?!?! I see that some need 'probe covers' which seems like a hassle...I'm guessing a forehead reader would be best? Should it be to the Australian Standards?!??!

    Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks in advance...

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    I found the forehead readers weren't all that accurate (maybe i had a crap one lol) So i brought a proper Braun ear thermometer similar to what they use in doctors surgeries. The covers are pretty inexpensive. I have had it for years and only just recently replaced the batteries for the 1st time.


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    I have the same one as Kathryn and it's great wouldn't be without it now.

    Also when buying check around at prices as priceline had them on special with $30 off and do that alot.

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    Fee Guest


    We have the Braun ear thermometer. Everyone seemed to recommend it.

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    Thanks girls! I think the Braun is the way to go by the sounds of it! You've helped make up my mind.

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