Flynn was a regular 4 hour BF baby till about 3-4 months and then started "sleeping through" on and off, till he got to the stage where he was sleeping from about 8-9pm to 5-6am. Now he is back to waking at midnight, 2am, 4am, 5,30am and so on. I have read up in my "No Cry Sleep Solution" book, and can see a few patterns I have created (feeding him mostly at night is the BIG one!!)n which have led to night waking, and while I am very flexible in my approach to routines (ie: I haven't got one - LOL!!) I WOULD like to go back to having unbroken sleep for at least 5 hours each night!!

So I have decided I am going to start compiling a list of Things I Know Are True About Babies. Number one is: (drumroll please......)

Constant vigilance and observation are required.

If you are like me, you work hard to try and achieve something with your bub, whether it is sleeping through, settling themselves, not crying in the carseat, feeding well, what ever. Just when you think "oh great, my baby is now doing XYZ", you relax. You think that you have reached that milestone/goal/whatever, and you now have a baby who "sleeps through". But this TOTALLY ignores the FACT that babies are growing and changing all the time!! By the time you realise you are in a particular pattern you bub is WAY ahead of you, doing new stuff, reacting to different cues, learning to adapt to his/her environment. Before you know it, your babe in arms is an inquistive 5mo who can't settle the way he used to, or your placid lamb is a demanding grabber! LOL!!

Do any other mums agree? Do you think that this is a Universal Truth about babies? Do you have a similar Thing They Know To Be True about babies? (and I mean all babies, not just your particular one).