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Thread: Three door cars and babies

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    Default Three door cars and babies

    Hi all

    Just asking this in advance at the moment.

    Both DH and I have three door cars - small ones. Has anyone had a baby with a carseat in a 3 door car?

    We have just assumed we'll have to sell one of them and upgrade (don't know where we'll find the money, but hey) but I just wanted some advice on how people have coped with a three door?


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    We had a hire car for a week that was a 3 door.... 8-[ Thats about as close as I can get.

    I guess it depends on how many times you are in & out of the car. Directly after the birth there was no way I could have gotten the capsule out of the car. But when Matilda was older & we used the hire car it wasn't too bad, I could easily climb back & have a knee on the back seat while I disengaged her.

    At the moment with her being very quick it would be hard again because she loves to twist & turn out of the car seat once unbuckled & try to run away....

    I hope someone else has more experience

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    sophabulous Guest


    Thanks Christy

    We plan on buying the Safe N Sound convertible car seat, rather than starting off with a separate capsule.

    Don't know if that makes a difference or not in terms of ease of use - main thing in that instance I think is making sure it can fit!

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    We have the safe 'n' sound convertible carseat...the compact model. We have a hatchback (5 door however) and it is one of the few that will comfortably fit without us sitting in the front with our knees up under our chins! *L* Our old car was a Barina (3 door) and we did have a babyseat for my niece in there at one point.

    If both of you are around when you need to get baby in and out of the car; I'm sure it's doable. ie. Hubby holds bubby while you climb into the back - he passes bubs to you and you put him/her into the seat. Or vice'a'versa.

    As for doing it on your own...I'm sure it's possible (there has got to be some Mums and Dads out there who have managed it) but it just might take a bit of manoevering.

    If you have a c-section...I'd definately suggest you have someone around to help you get bubs in and out of the car!

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    aaaagghh don't get me started!!! At the moment we have 2 babies in the back of a 2 door. Its such a PITA!!!
    I can't get the capsule in or out - DH does it for me.

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    I took Aidyn out many time in my sisters 3-door car.
    When the carseat was still in the reversible position, my knees were rather close to the dashboard, but it was still ok.
    We had the compact model Fisher Price carseat, so it was smaller than the average carseat... if we'd had one any bigger I dont think you could have fit anyone in the front passenger seat!
    It was a bit of a pain manouvering him into the carseat, but would be easier if there was someone to help.
    Once they are in the forward facing position it becomes a bit easier.

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    We have a 3-door Toyota Echo (the smallest Toyota they make now) and have had no trouble with it. We have a Safe'n'Sound convertible seat too, and have just turned it to face forwards. It's been a little squashy in the front seat until now, but perfectly useable, and there's heaps of room now the seat has been turned. I think it would be much harder with 2 babies though

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    We also have an Echo as one of the cars so I am glad to hear you say that Fenella! Thank you!

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    I have a Toyota Starlet (the Echo replaced this one) and my safe and sound car seat does not fit in it in the newborn position.

    The other problem with hatchbacks is that you need an 'extra piece' to connect it to the anchor as the anchor point is usually at the rear of the boot. This means that you have to unhook the carseat from the anchor to get the pram in and out! very annoying but you get used to it after a while.

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