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    Thumbs down Thumbsucker

    Zhai is now 3y and 3m and he still constantly sucks his thumb. He has a lisp and cant say his 's' properley, and well to be honest he doesnt speak properley at all. I have tried the never suck thumb stuff and he still sucks it.. what else can i do to stop him from sucking his thumb? I am worried as it is really affecting the way he speaks.
    Thanks in advance...

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    my DD is a thumb sucker and im a dental nurse!!! its my worst nightmare and im not sure what im going to do about it yet, i have seen these thunb gaurds you can get, will see if i can find the place

    google thumbgaurd australia

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    I was a thumbsucker for ages. I sucked my thumb right into primary school and the more that people (parents, teachers, extended family, random busy bodies) tried to make me give up the more I sucked it. I'm kind of contrary so the best way to make me do something is to tell me not to lol.
    Anyway, I have great teeth (dentists always compliment me on how straight and even they are but not on my flossing :P ) and I speak perfectly. I do have one thumb that is flatter than the other but only if you look for it.
    IMO the best thing you can do is point out that now that he's growing up he might want to leave baby things behind and praise him when you notice that he hasn't sucked his thumb for an hour or so (or whatever time you can 'catch' him with his thumb out of his mouth).
    Maybe try a star chart - 1 star for every day that is thumb free and 10 stars equals a treat.
    You could also say that the thumb is ok for naps and bedtime but not for out and about.

    Good luck with it but as an ex thumb addict I can assure you that he will only give up when he wants to - the trick is to convince him that he wants to.

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    check this video out from "whats good for you"

    Is thumb-sucking harmful - ninemsn Video

    reiterates what chloe just said!!