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Thread: TMI - Poopin in the Bath?

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    DS has been occasionally pooping in the bath lately. Does anyone know what this is about? I dont want to tell him no incase it confuses him and he thinks he shouldnt be pooping. Any suggestions. When I bath him, he is only ever in the bath for maybe 10min max. It does however happen more when DH baths him (which is only on the weekends).


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    I think he is far too young to understand what he is doing, so telling him "no" would be a complete waste of time. He has no control over his bowels yet and the warm water probably just relaxes him enough to have a motion. The only thing I can suggest is sitting him on a potty just prior to putting him in the tub, but he will probably not do anything anyway. Don't worry about it, it's no big deal, plenty of time to worry about it when he is older.

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    Ella loves to poo in the bath she's done it many many times...

    She has no idea of what she's doing though I pull her straight out of her bath and wait for her to finish (and sometimes she goes again LOL) I always run her another bath and make sure she doesnt put her hands in her mouth/eyes.


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