thread: Toddler biting and hiting me

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    Aug 2006

    Toddler biting and hiting me

    I'm at my wits end. I think DS is teethiing his back molars but his behaviour is awful. He has been biting and hitting me and it has reduced me to tears, which I know is not the right thing to do..but after a long day of it that was all I felt like doing. He is hardly sleeping during the day. Any tips would help me. I don't want to show him I'm angry, I don't want to lose my temper. He is nearly 2.

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    Oct 2006
    home sweet home.

    it is horrible isn't it?

    On days like that my advice is 'get that kid outdoors'.

    Go to a park, beach, even a playcentre and distract, distract, distract.

    I find that if I'm stuck inside with a toddler on a rampage it just makes matters worse, get them outside and run them until they are all out of energy.

    Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

    xx Spring

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    Oct 2007

    there have been lots of threads recently about amber teething necklaces and how they can really help behaviour related to teething... maybe getting one would help????
    hang in there