thread: Toddler eating habits

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    May 2004

    Toddler eating habits


    I have found that Kimberley eats more in the morning than she does the rest of the day.
    So far today she has had cereal, two mini milky ways and is now having an apple. She did have a top up on her cereal also so she had more than normal.
    For lunch she will not eat much if anything at all.
    Then some of what we have for tea later.

    What are your toddlers eating habits like ??
    Do you have an eating routine ??

    I do try and buy healthy stuff and once every so oftern she gets chocolate. But i tell her once she has eaten all the chocolate that is it i will no go and buy more during the week and i may not buy any the next.

    Have tried doing a routine for eating also but that does not work because she naps when she is tired.

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    Kameron has his breakfast which he eats fully, Lunch at midday which once again he will eat all of it 'cept crusts, and he will eat whatever meat is on his plate at tea time but leave the vegetables, but if i make fried rice instead of vegetables he will eat all that as well.

    He may get a packet of tiny teddies (if I have them) or 1 or 2 biscuits throughout the day but not every day. Lately he has been asking for fruit from the fruit bowl. It is rare for us to have chocolate in the house, so he doesn't ask for it. He will ask for some chocolate if we are at mums though as mum usually has small packs of smarties in the cupboard.


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    Nov 2004

    Eating? Eating? Doesn't that involve food? We can't do that!

    We've had trouble getting Alex to eat since he was born! He wouldn't start solids until 8 months. Won't feed himself even now he's nearly two, apart from limited occasions. Won't eat much unless it's from Mummy's plate. Daddy's plate is not good enough. And Alex's plate? NO WAY!

    He eats maybe 3 tablespoons of mushy Weet Bix or Coco Pops for breakfast, a small yogurt for morning tea, one or one and a half cruskits for lunch, some fruit (like maybe 10 grapes) for afternoon tea, and plain rice or plain pasta for dinner. God forbid we might have meat! Alex doesn't eat meat unless it's kabana or sausage. He does like cheese, but only the expensive stuff!

    He gets chocolate only on special occasions, and not much, as he has a lactose intolerance (can't drink cows milk, but can eat low fat yogurt and icecream). He has soy milk, Ribena and apple juice (diluted) for drinks, won't drink water unless he's sick.

    Fussy? My boy? I think fussy is not quite it!