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Thread: toddler that isnt sleeping up at 4am plus new baby

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    Default toddler that isnt sleeping up at 4am plus new baby

    hi all my son is 22mths old and is normally pretty easy to get to bed lately though he has been getting out of toddler bed coming out of his room wont go to sleep goin crazy i have a 3 week old aswell so i dont know if that plays a part in this however last night was the worst im so sleep deprived jay went to bed fine for a change however woke at 1.30 am and didnt go back to bed till bout 4am he was wide awake playing round. Here i was playing with peekaboo blocks at 4am he went down then tyler woke up its just crazy i must be sooooo sleep deprived cause i think ah yeah i could have another baby yeah right if i was in my right mind 2 is my cut of limit lol i soooo miss my sleep
    any advice [-o<

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    I can tell you what supernanny would say, which is when he gets up put him straight back into bed, do not talk to him or play with him and just keep doing it each time he gets up. When he realises that he is not getting any attention from it, he will stop doing it. Well that is the idea, anyway! Believe me I know that is easier said than done, my kids are the same age apart as yours so I feel your pain!
    If you are not concerned about having him in your bed, you could just let him climb in with you when he wakes up. I know it's not ideal and a lot of people would say it sets up bad habits but if you just want to sleep then it could be a quick fix. I used to let my DS sleep next to our bed on his little fold out couch when he woke up during the night.


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    hi bon
    i did see that on supernanny but your right its easier said then done lol
    im not normally one for sleep but having the two im defiently feelin it he slept through last night that was without having day sleep and probley still tired from night before but would you believe it jayden slept through tyler been unsettled all night and all day there just not falling into same pattern
    how r u finding it cause it feels like its just this house hold its happening to which im sure its not
    :sleeping: (i wish)

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    I would say it's alot to do with the new baby. Marisa was 2.5 years when Elijah came along and she went backwards in a major way - we had to put her back in nappies for some time as she would just act like a baby - she would just wee on herself and it became very frustrating. They see the things the baby does and it gets attention for, e.g. crying and it gets picked up - so they can revert back to baby behaviour too. Perhaps you can take some time out to have one on one time with your son as well as dad, so he knows he is still special and the baby which has interrupted his world isn't the only thing that he thinks matters.

    You might like to read this article by Pinky McKay too: [url][/url] it's called, A New Baby - Second or Third or More Time Around. Very interesting.

    Good luck!
    Kelly xx

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