thread: Toddler + newborn = cute

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    Apr 2010

    Toddler + newborn = cute

    We're still trying to work out where everything goes with a newborn in the house, but our toddler has it all worked out. Just for now (although it looks like we don't need to do this) we have the baby in our bedroom and my partner and the cat are in the lounge.

    This morning was funny. At about 8am, toddler got out of her cot by herself (no clunk and no screaming so I assume 'got out' not 'fell out') and instead of hearing the hollering of "Muuuummmmmyyyyy its moooooorninggggg" she was knocking on the inside of her door to get out.

    She requested in quick order that I open the blinds, get my breakfast, get her breakfast, turn on ABC1, eat my breakfast, and then noticed my partner on the floor. So he had to wake up, get up, get dressed and get HIS breakfast in quick order. He'd normally get to sleep in quite late. Then she noticed we had no baby. So we had to get the baby up, change his nappy and get him fed in quick order.

    She was so efficient she was hassling us to make popcorn for morning tea at 9:30 - too early! Had to distract her by taking her outside to look at all the ice

    If this is what day 2 is like ... imagine what its going to be like in his house by the end of the week!

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    lol too cute!

    Glad to hear she is taking so well to a bubba in the house! Charlotte is very excited, I just hope she copes as well as she appears she should lol

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    thats just the cutest

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    aww too cute!

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    Oct 2008

    She sounds like a cutie! x