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Thread: Toddler not sleeping well and other things

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    For months we had a probelm with Kimberley not staying asleep in her own bed it's been going on since we moved from Adelaide. Finally a few months ago she started to sleep all night in her own room thanks to us buying her a new bed. But since i was in hoapital 5wks ago she has started to wake at night screaming and will only settle sleeping with me. If she comes straight in to bed with me she will sleep well all night.

    I'm thinking this is all to do with my stay in hospital as she also now doesn't like me to go out without here. DH wants me to take her to the Dr's to see what they can do but i don't think they can do anything about it. We are going to cut out all cordial for a few weeks to see if that helps. She can wake at 5am and still be on the go at 8pm.

    The other thing is she has started to complain about being cold even on the warmest of days. I have just started her on vitamins to see if that will help.

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    sorry to hear that kimberly is not sleeping, the only thing that i can thunk of is to put am item of your clothing for her to cuddle at night, and by doing this she relisers that you will be wanting it back so you wont be to far from her.
    good luck

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    My son goes through stages like this quite often. If there is any change to routine/setting it usually means we will get a visitor for a few weeks. All I can recommend is what we do, let her come in for a few nights and see if it settles. if not talk to her about it. We have a reward chart for DS for when he wakes up in his own bed and we make a big deal out of it when he wakes up there. I used to carry him back into his room after he had gone back to sleep but he is getting to heavy to do that now so I have his old cot mattress on the floor and I just move him to that but it is best if they can wake up in there own room.

    As for the waking early part - try adjusting her bedtime and see if that helps I know if DS goes to sleep any earlier or later than 8pm he is up at dawn, also check and see if it's overly bright in her room or if there are any noises that start att hat time (bird calls, trucks etc) Good luck hope you get a good nights sleep soon.

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    Hi - It might be a good idea to take her to the drs to rule out a physical cause. Feeling cold when it is warm can be a sign of a temperature and she may have an infection in one of those invisible places (middle ear, kidneys, etc).

    Good luck!

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    Sara i have tried the putting to bed later and it doesn't work
    I'm used to getting up around 6am now.

    Marydean i was thinking of taking her to the Dr's in a few weeks time when she has finshed kindy.

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    Michelle, I'm sure that your DD is ok, but I would probably take her to the doctor or ring the child health centre, in case it is an infection. They can be very serious if left unchecked. Most likely she isn't sick but the peace of mind won't hurt either!!

    The only other thing I can suggest is to bry sleeping on a matress on the floor of her room for a couple of nights to ease her back into her own room without fear.

    Good luck.

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