thread: Toddler Reins/Harnesses - Which One And What Age?

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    Toddler Reins/Harnesses - Which One And What Age?

    DD is 20 months old and a bolter. I like to take her for a walk (out of her stroller) but going to get bread and milk means going to a very busy street with cars/trams/trucks and I just about have a nervous breakdown sometimes because she is just so quick and doesn't like her hand held all the time. So that means I often have to pick her up which results in a tanty and throwing herself backwards onto the footpath which means a hurty head and a bigger tanty. Ahhhhhhh, the joys LOL.

    So I think I need to get her some reins/harness some time soon. I'm not mad keen on reins but I figure a restrained toddler has to be preferable to a dead toddler!

    What sort did you get, what age did you start using them and what age did you stop?

    Did you find anything else was a good alternative ie. one of those little bike things with the big handle that's held by the parent?

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    We were using a cow backpack with a leash (not sure of the brand, they sell them at baby bunting) and that was great - I still use it occasionally, but he's starting to get a lot closer to me (possibly cause I keep hiding from him!)

    He is starting to grow out of it, but it was great at things like the flower & garden show etc.

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    same, but ours was a frog. i took it to london and it was great! i used to call it putting DS on the dog lead!

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    Yep, like Kazbah, we have a Goldbug one. They make dogs/horses/cows in the form of a little backpack with harness.

    Now that I have 2 it has come into it's own. Darcy isn't really a bolter - but she used to be and still has her moments. However she knows now how far she can get. Took her a while to get used to it though.

    ETA we have a bike with a handle too, but its a PITA to steer and she gets sick of it real quick. Plus it isn't practical at the shops. We take ours on walks but DH usually ends up dragging it and she's walking.

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    We have the doggie backpack harness. Great to get them to put on too I find as sometimes he goes "no puppy gog" and I say well then you will have to go in the pram and that fixes that problem quick smart, on goes the backpack. If he doesn't have it on he tends to bolt but with it on he really stays put a lot better and holds hands or onto the pram. I think they look nicer too

    I've seen them in Target, KMart and Babies Galore.

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    I too have the Goldbug one, we have the monkey (my DS just loves monkeys lol). He loves it, he always holds my hand when we walk but its nice having that extra security. He also love to wear it at home, we just take the tail (leash bit) off and he uses it like a backpack.