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Thread: toddler running into things

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    Default toddler running into things

    I am seriously worried about my toddler Kat. From the time she could crawl she's had no fear. She started walking at 9.5months and that was it. She never noticed that steps drop away untill she fell down them. She never notices corners of tables or walls and she's always running into things and hurting herself. It's like she doesn't see things properly... how would I go about getting her eyes checked when she won't sit still? It could just be she's too wrapped up in her own world to notice anything else..... But it has me slightly worried....

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    Kerrie, it could be just a case of Kat being in too much of a hurry all of the time and not watching where it is she is going. Tehya quite often does that or will be too busy looking around and walk straight into a wall knocking herself flat back on her bum.

    Does she see you if you are to the side of her and wave or something like that ?? If not then maybe you do need to get her eyes checked. Optometrists (sp) are used to dealing with kids too so I'm sure they will manage ok with her.

    Hope it's not anything for you to worry about though

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