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    Toddler Teeth Cleaning...

    My 20 month old makes a huge drama about having his teeth cleaned...although he makes a drama just about anything theses days lol. I really want him to learn the importance of cleaning his teeth regularly, but it is such a mission to get the job done. And he just hates it. Any advice on how to make the daily experience of cleaning his teeth fun and enjoyable for him????

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    I also am having a hard time cleaning Aidyn's teeth as well... but for the past few nights I have made DP come in and brush his teeth at the same time and in front of Aidyn, and it actually worked! - he saw that daddy was doing it too, so he let me brush his teeth! (for about 15 seconds more, lol)

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    Oh Karen I actually groaned aloud when I saw your post! I can totally identify with you. My 2 y o sometimes lets me clean his teeth properly, and sometimes it's a battleground. I've tried everything... getting DH to do it with him, pretending he's a big crocodile, making funny faces, toy confiscation.... and nothing works every time. So I try all of the above on a rotational basis and most days I get in two really good teeth brushing episodes. Every now and then he'll clamp his teeth together like he has lock jaw and I only get to brush round the outside, IYKWIM.

    My 4 y o daughter is much better, although she doesn't like the outside of her top teeth brushed, for some strange reason. So I have to do it really gently and slowly. I'm going to take her to the dentist soon to have a checkup and make sure there's no sinister reason 8-[

    Good luck.... you're definately not alone in this one.

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    Can't help you with this one Karen. Kameron has always loved it being done. He picked his own special toothbrush at the shops and his own toothpaste.

    I have always let him try to do it himself first then I go over it. Lachlan also isn't phased about it at the moment but he is only 14mths that might change


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    Karen, I actually do Noah's teeth in the bathtub. I know it sounds gross but I have made it a part of bath time. He has a bath morning and night and his teeth get brushed in there.

    I brush my teeth under the shower so I guess that Noah would think that was a normal thing to do in our house.

    Are you using toothpaste? Maybe he doesn't like the taste. I hjad that problem for a while too. I got him used to having them brushed without it then slowly introduced the babies toothpaste to him.

    Goodluck with your toothbrushing

    Take care

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    Melinda Guest

    Jacob has 8 toothie-pegs and so I am madly trying to clean his teeth too, but he hates it and purses his lips shut. I just let him play with the toothbrush in the bath (since it automatically goes into his mouth anyway) and I try to move it a bit whilst it's in there, otherwise I try to get a face washer and at least get my finger in there to try and rub them with that (at my own risk....ouch!).

    I've heard for older children one way is to turn it into a bit of a game, e.g. who can make the most bubbles with all the frothy stuff?! LOL

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    mooshie Guest

    how about an electric toothbrush?

    when my ds was around 2 it was always a battle ground to get him to brush his teeth, and most nights truthfully it was left not done so we didn't have to deal with all the crap lol.

    i then brought him a real funky fire engine electric toothbrush and he loved it started doing it himself and even let me finish for him.

    he is now 5 and is fine brushing his teeth - although he needs to be constantly reminded lol.

    good luck

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    Mine go through periods of excited co-operation and then jaw locking refusal. Dunno what to do about it. MCHCN told me not to make too big a drama over the refusal as that can turn into a game :-k I let them do it first then when the novelty wears off a bit I can get in there. Sometimes.

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    Have you tried letting him have a go (like Melinda said)??

    Maybe you could have 2 toothbrushes on the go - one for him to have a go with and then you do his teeth with the other one.

    Do something like say to him "you can do them yourself for a few minutes and then Mummy has a turn". Maybe if you are not too grossed out by it, let him have a go at doing your teeth as well so he can see that it is not painful and you like to have yours done??

    Best wishes - I have no problems in that department - my kids would brush their teeth every 5 minutes if they were had a chance lol!!