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    Question Toilet Training!

    DD is 2yrs old and we've been doing toilet training for about 2 weeks now. Basically when our day allows us to put her in undies, we do. She's got the wees pretty much down pat and only really has an accident once a day and is even managing to hold on over night but has woken twice at 4am to go and do a really big wee. I'm figuring this may have been on days where she drank lots before bedtime and we didn't put her on the toilet before bed, so hopefully that will stop. Anyone else experienced this, is it usual for kids to get up during the night and want to go to the loo? How do you manage it? If it's close to 5am, she usually won't go back to sleep even though her usual waking time is 7am.

    A lot of our frustration is with her number 2's! She doesn't have a "usual" time that she does them. Sometimes they are days apart even though she has a diet high in fibre and lots of fluids (mostly water)...she seems to want to hold onto them because she is too "busy" playing at the if she's eating or having a bath, she'll say "done poohs" (which is her way of saying I need to go to the toilet), so we take her off to the toilet each time she says it, but as soon as she's sat down for a bit, she just wants to go back to what she was doing, but we make her sit on the toilet for about 2min before going back to the activity....this will go on for about 20 minutes until we get so frustrated that we don't take her to the toilet anymore and she eventually does it in her pants because we don't know whether to believe her or not. Sometimes it never comes, and sometimes it does's really 50/50.

    I have no problems with giving up and trying again later, but what do I tell her when she keeps saying "done poohs" throughout the day and trying to hold onto both wees & poos as she says "done poohs" for both events? She knows what the two things are and does generally get anxious about wanting to go to the toilet quickly, but I think she feels the urge, we go to the toilet, and then doesn't want to do it. She doesn't appear to have any anxieties about the toilet/potty itself as she always wants to flush the toilet and hold onto the toilet etc.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post.....any words of wisdom appreciated.

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    I think she's doing really well! My dd is a month older than yours and so far we haven't even had success with wees! I've just abandoned attempt number 2 because I just don't think she's ready.

    I'd keep going if I were you, she sounds like she's getting it to me!

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    She sounds like she's doing very well.
    Two is very young to be dry through the night - lots of people treat overnight and day time as 2 differant things when it comes to TT and get daytime down before overnight.
    If she's wanting to jump down off the loo really soon maybe you could get her a book or two so that she's more entertained while she's waiting for some action. Also a warm drink can stimulate the bowels so maybe if you give her a warm milk or water just before you pop her on the loo it might make her more likely to poo before she jumps down.

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    Thanks for your responses. Great ideas Dachlostar - will definitely give those a try. I actually haven't prompted her to do anything about TT overnight. It just kind of happened. I still put her to bed in a nappy though, because occasionally she's done a small wee I think somewhere during the night, but still seems to hold the majority of it for the morning.

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    Hi Amygirl,
    My DS is TT and he doesnt sleep with a nappy during the day and i put one on at night and 6 nights out of 7 he gets up dry.. with the pooh problem, i just sat in the toilet with him and talked to him or sang songs, so he relaxed a little.....

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