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    Im just starting to wonder whether I have enough play toys for DS as he seems to be bored/frustrated with what he has. I have:

    *a play mat which has a rubber tube around the outside which he can sit up with (lean no) and play with the things attached to this
    *a roll-a-round dinasour (he only watches me play with this LOL)
    *a bouncy chair
    *about 5 different rattles which I swap around for him daily
    *a few books which I read to him

    He also has a few stuffed toys but he seems to pull the hair off these so I have put them away.

    It doesnt seem like much looking at it now. Should I invest in some more stuff and if so what. Im really lost for ideas as he cant sit up and play with things by himself yet. What are your DC favourite toys.


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    Its hard Emma... Do you know anyone around who has had children and has toys? Maybe try a toy swap & see if that helps. I swap toys with a friend who has a child Matilda's age every few weeks we will swap 2 toys and sometimes they take to the toys and other times they don't but its good to see what they like.

    When Matilda was younger she really liked things she could study. So things like those lamaze toys with hidey spots. She also really liked those wooden beads on rails...

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    Emma, mine is the same age. They like sounds, colours and textures so the things you have are great. At this age they are learning to use their hands so things they can manipulate like blocks and those clackety rings are good. Really basic stuff like stacking rings are good too. Christy's idea of a toy swap is a great idea. Also toy library if you have it in your area. Phone your local council as they may be able to help.

    Edited to add: I just remembered I bought him some of those Fisher Price roll arounds last week. They are for six months and up. I have been showing them to him when we play on the floor and he loves looking at the little animals inside.
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    Emma -- Mel's suggestion of a toy library is great if your local library runs one.
    If not, may you could talk to them about setting one up, or organise one through a playgroup or mothers group?

    It sounds like the toys you have a great though.

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    Blake has always loved his playgym - you know those A-frame things which hang 'toys' over the baby to look at, touch/hit. He still loves it at 15 months.

    He also his set of connecting rings, or rattles that he could hold.

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    My DS Loved his Bouncin Baby Play Place. You can get them from Target or Toys r Us. He also loved watching the Teletubbies on DVD!

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    A soft mirror is always a winner

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