thread: Toys for my 2yr old??

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    Feb 2006
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    Toys for my 2yr old??

    So what is it that your 2yr old loves to play with? Toys that is, not everyday stuff.
    DD will be two in a few days and I am pretty stumped as to what to buy for her. We have recieved money for her from relatives, about $150 so far, and DH and I are yet to buy her anything substantial, she's got some pj's and clothes (boring!!). So tell me what toys your two year old loves to play with!

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    Apr 2009

    I dont have a 2yr old but I did work in a child care center. Here's some stuff the 2 yr olds loved:

    Big crayons, a toy vacumn, a tea set, anything she can pull along, a ballerina costume, alot of crazy hats, different sized balls.

    Hope that helps.

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    second the tea set!

    cash register, shopping basket + play fruit, boxes etc, blocks, drums,


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    Feb 2006
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    She's got a tea set, crayons, vacumme, pull along toys, lots of balls, blocks....

    The trolley and food is a great idea though, she'd love that! And dress ups, maybe I should go to an op shop to get some dress ups!!

    Thanks ladies, keep them coming.

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    Mar 2009

    Ds got a little people fire truck and a little people zoo, which he loves and plays with EVERY day.

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    Dec 2008
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    my Dd i know isnt quite 2 but loves the little people school house thing, it has the blocks pizza house dentist and drs and spinning thengs and red coins to loose she will sit there for 30 min before getting bored lol this is good for my daughter

    also she loves her scooter, its a 3 wheeled one she stands i push lol its great fun and good exercise for mum

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    Fisher Price make a dolls houde called "my first dollshouse". The Dragon LOVES hers

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    Jul 2007
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    I agree with the Little People house. DS adores his - plays with it every night since Christmas and for long periods of time (amazing, as he doesn't sit still normally).

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    Jun 2005

    What about stuff to get her outside???? We bought DD#1 when she was 2 a little trikes red car with yellow roof (there a dime a dozen on ebay). My 3rd daughter whom is 18 months loves it - she sits in there for hours and pretends to drive.

    Target also have some good play gyms on spec at the moment.
    Little trikes slide......- again, we paid over $100 for it , but its got sooo much use from the 3 girls - when little ones come over, its the first thing they head for....

    Good luck !

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    I'll second a trike with a handle, you can start her learning to ride a bike and still have control.

    My short list for Pip's 2nd birthday pressies is:

    * trike
    * toy workshop
    * wooden train set
    * gardening set

    All these are things he's been showing an interest in. If you don't have a sandpit yet, why not a sandpit?

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    For our DD's 2nd birthday we bought her a chalkboard with a magnetic board on the other side ... and a playdough table SET with heaps of tubs of playdough & cutters in the box (BigW sometimes have this Set on special, its' normally about $50 but on special it can be about $32) ... Our DD will be 3 next month and she still plays with BOTH items on a daily basis as she LOVES them that much

    At 2 they can become very interested in anything to do with art ... making things with their hands ... like drawing with Crayola crayons & Crayola textas

    Oh, i just remembered to mention ... for the chalkboard get a cheap tub of the thick sidewalk chalk sticks so they don't break so easily (can get them from The Reject Shop very cheap) !!
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    Aug 2006
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    Lego Duplo! We have a whole collection of this and kids *never* get tired of playing with it. Even the 10 year olds get right into it

    How about a little kitchen/toy stove with pots and pans so she can do cooking whenever mummy and daddy do it?

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    Sep 2005
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    I second the chalk board and the kitchen.

    Darcy also got a Mr Potato Head....my 26 year old bro loved it so much she thought he was going to steal it so we had to buy him one of his own.

    a play tent? I know space it tight there, but our folds up...yet is big enough for me or DH to get in (ask your DH how big my DH is...).

    Interactive books (you know with the noise buttons).

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    Oct 2006
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    Buckets and spades, bath toys, Riley got a train set for his 2nd birthday which he loves passionately!
    The little people stuff is great and lasts them for years.
    Riley has a trike with a handle that he loves too.

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    Oct 2006

    I'd like to get Natty a play-table that you can put sand and/or water in. One of the playgroup kids has one and has brought it along a couple of times. Natty will stand there playing with the water wheel for the entire time. (I have seen them at Toys R Us.)
    She loves: Her baby & stroller, thomas trains, Stack-a-peg (from the learning ladder - you make a tower and it doesn't fall down), stickers, clag (no joke - we have started doing collages with pics I cut out of our abundant junk mail and she will "paste" for aaaaaaages).
    If you're looking for something bigger, how about a wendy house or a slide or some sort of climbing frame?

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    Aug 2006
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    My daughter loves the following:

    ANYTHING Thomas the tank Engine.. honestly, just got her a heap of tracks and trains 2nd hand yesterday and she told me no to bed time last night "mummy no I'm playing with toys'

    She loves all the little poeple stuff, we have the barn/animals and the little town.

    She has a big dolls house that she plays with alot

    She loves books and 'babies' and playing night nights

    Outside she loves her trike and her sandpit, swing and slide and sitting in the garden with the cat

    She did have a plastic cubby house but stopped playing in it so I sold it to buy her other stuff

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    Aug 2006
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    Oh yeah and she will also sit at her little table and draw/colour in with crayons for aaaaaages.

    BTW - look on Gumree in your state and you can pick up lots of great toys second hand... get more for your $$

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    Feb 2008
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    i agree with mbear,
    my DS absolutely loves to play outside so for his second birthday i am getting him a play gym and a few other outside toys!!