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Thread: transferring baby to cot

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    newmum40 Guest

    Smile transferring baby to cot

    Hi - first time I have used this so hope I do it right..

    I I have an 8 week old who is sleeping in a basinette. He sleeps really well and is mostly put to sleep in his bed (not in my arms unless he falls asleep before I can get him to bed!). I notice that he is getting big for his basinette and started thinking about the cot and when to transfer him. He sleeps in his nursery where the cot is so that isn't a problem. When is the best time to transfer him and introduce the cot and how do I do so as painlessly as possible? He is used to being rocked in his basinette if he needs some soothing (though he is learning to self sooth really well). Obviously the cot can't be rocked...!

    Your advice would be appreciated...


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I would just put him in there and see how he goes. Do you still wrap him? If not try putting him wrapped so he still feels like he's in a small place rather than a giant cot.You can get an insert that you put into the cot, a tetra mattress?? I think that's what it's called, it gives the illusion that the baby is in a smaller place also and makes it a bit more snuggly.

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    I don't think theres any rules, but Bec's suggestions are great.
    Like you we went from a cradle which could be rocked to the cot. I didn't have a choice though because the little buggar could roll sideways at 4 weeks old so she's roll, the cradle would rock, she'd roll further, hit her head and wake up.
    We just had to do it cold turkey to prevent any injury. She was fine - she figured out what the leg patting meant soon enough and I really think it's more for us than for them anyways.
    Good luck, let us know how he goes.

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    newmum40 Guest


    well I finally did the deed a week ago and have had no problems... I simply soothe the forehead and wow - is that a send off to sleep wonder. Don't know why I didn't do that before as he goes off in seconds sometimes. LOL

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    That's wonderful, so glad that you had a smooth transition.

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