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Thread: transition from cot to bed

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    Default transition from cot to bed

    I think this may have been asked not to lon ago, but I cant find the post.
    What is the best way to transition a toddler to a bed? Shelby is now 16 months old, and although she is fine in the cot for now, she will be about 21 months old when this treasure arrives. I really dont want to wait too much longer before we make the move to a proper bed.

    I was thinking of putting her bed in the same room as her cot, and putting her in the bed for her day sleeps to start with. Then when we master the art of that start with night sleeps. Does this sounds ok?

    My main concern is Shelby has never slept in a proper bed (not even one night, since birth) will she all of a sudden start waking or be difficult to settle because she can get up? Usually I just put her into bed at 7.30pm, walk out and go back and get her up at 7am.

    I am so worried I am going to upset her lovely sleep pattern (and mine )

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    I moved DD#1 into a big bed at 27 months...when DD#2 was abotu to be born. We had no probs, but she was alittle bit older.
    Maybe do day sleeps in the 'big bed' and keep the night sleeps for her cot....let her get used to the idea. Get her to help 'decorate' her new room, make a fuss over the new bed, and what a big girl she is etc etc. .
    I will be enduring the same battle come sept. ALthough my DD#2 will be 19 months...but i think the above is how i would do it.
    Good luck.

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    ohhh I will be interested to hear these reponses as well ..I have been wondering the same thing. I just cant imagine how Kaitlyn will not get out of bed and play?????

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