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Thread: Traveling to Fiji with a 9 month old

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    Question Traveling to Fiji with a 9 month old

    Hoping that someone might be able to help me. I am going to Fiji next week and I am stressing that I am going to forget something! And also wondering if it is ok for me to take glass heinz baby foods over there?

    Looking forward to hearing from you

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    Shanti went to Fiji with a little one and had a great time. I am sure you will too.

    I don't know about the baby food as I've never taken baby food anywhere. Is that what your little one usually eats or are you worried that they won't eat the local food? I have been to Bali and Vanuatu with little ones and they have always been able to eat what we eat so I don't think you will need to take food with you. If your baby is only eating pureed foods it might be more difficult - perhaps try him/her on finger foods now before you go? Check out the baby led solids threads for some ideas on what other 9 month olds are eating.

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    hi we did it with an 11 month old
    was fine
    we didnt take food with us as it was readily available over there and we didn't want to risk it through customs.

    you wont forget anything and if you do, its easy to get
    its not 3rd world they do have baby stuff lol
    we forgot our dummy, no actually she lost her dummy in teh airport lol we survied.

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