thread: travelling with a 4 month old-advice?

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    Apr 2008

    travelling with a 4 month old-advice?

    we will be travelling to singapore and japan in august with singapore airlines, my baby will be about 4 1/2 months old by then, how do you feed a 4 month old on the airplane? We will be travelling to singapore first -7 hour flight , then and extra 7 hours to japan. At the moment at home i fill up half of the bottles with boiling water-wait for it to cool down then put in fridge (do i have to put in fridge?-can i just leave them on the counter?) then when i need to feed, i just add boiling water and powder.How can i cope with bottle feeding and the bottles on the airplane? Im currently using nan ha gold 1. is it best to bring bottles with cooled bottled water to the airplane and just add boiling water and powder when ready to feed? How many bottles will i need? and what about sterilising? Is there an easier way?

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    I teached ds to drink his bottles at room-temp and have stopped sterilising his bottles (his sister is constantly sticking her fingers in his mouth, "testing" his dummy, so I don't see the point). That means I don't need boiling water. You'll be traveling 14 hours. So if I were you, I'll do this:

    Sterilise your bottles - enough for a whole day ... atm for my ds that is 5
    Fill them all up with the correct amout of boiled water
    Scoop the correct amounts of milk in little containers. You get those stack-thingies.

    and vola!!

    Now you can ask the flight attendant for a jug with hot water that you can leave the bottle in for a while, add the milk, shake and feed


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    Dec 2006

    I am pretty sure you won't be able to bring made up bottles onto the plane. They are pretty strick on liquids. All liquids in hand luggage must be less than 100mls each and in transparent plastic bags.

    I travelled a few times with DS (but he was bf) and every time the attendants always offered to 'do' his bottles. I guess they are pretty used to making it up to the right temp and they would probably get you go down the back with them and make it up with them.

    The crew have always been willing to help when asked. I doubt there will be any problems. Why don't you ring the airline first - or i'm sure if you went to their website there would be info about babies/children.

    Good Luck.

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    yea i rang singapore airlines and they said you cant bring bottled water, and you can bring formula powder only enough for your trip-i wanted to bring the whole tin, because i dont know how much she will drink-sometimes she drinks 2 hourly, sometimes 4 hourly. and i guess its pretty much impossible to sterilise bottles-will there be any problems? Also does nan gold sell the stick sechets for travelling?