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    Ok, scummy Kalgoorlie doesnt have a Paed or Sonographer that can see Amber for at least a month so I am off to Perth tomorrow on the train. It takes around 7 hours and I am desperate for any tips/advice you can give for taking an almost three month old on my own.

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    Colleen Guest


    We travelled from Darwin to Erldunda and Erldunda to Melb with Jaykob when he was 8 weeks right through til when he was 14 weeks (we stopped along the way to work in Erldunda)

    He really did tend to sleep alot, the motion of the train will probably have the same effect on Amber (jaykob sleeps on planes and in the car, does Amber ? might be an indicator)

    The only real reccomendation I have is to have anything on hand.. water, formula, (or bb is convienient!) ummm nappies, etc etc and be prepared.. I used to worry so much about whether or not i was annoying other people in the plane with jaykob if he was crying, but dont stress about it if it happens, just makes it worse IYKWIM.

    Dont forget yourself too, take some magazines or something, sometimes we forget things like that when we are worying about bubs

    Good Luck, hope you have a safe trip

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