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Thread: Trouble sleeping......

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    Default Trouble sleeping......

    Alexander has always been good at sleeping maybe not all night but when he used to wake up he would take his milk and go straight back to sleep.

    For the last 3 nights now he has woken in the middle of the night and it is taking me over 2 hours to get him back to sleep.

    I've tried just letting him cry in his cot but that's not worked he won't take any milk.

    I've given him panadol because he seemed hot to me the other day and not himself but he seems better now.

    Tonight he woke around 11pm coughing and it took till around 2am for him to stop and then he woke at 2:45am and he is still awake now.

    I just need to get some sleep.

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    Hi Michelle,

    yuo poor thing! I really hope you don't get to read this for a while and get some well deserved sleep.

    I don't really have much advice to offer, maybe he's having a growth spurt or something?

    Just on the panadol, not that I'm advising this, but just an anecdote...
    My mum reckons every time we got out of our night sleeping routine ( after we'd been sleeping thru for a while) she'd give us children's panadol before bed and we'd sleep through.

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    Hi Rachael

    I've been trying the panadol but that didn't work.

    I ended up giving Alex some weetbix and i out him back to bed and he went straight to sleep. Just wish i did that an hour before. He is now still asleep and i ended up getting 2 and a bit more hours sleep.

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    You said he woke up coughing and that he didn't seem himself the other day. Do you think he is unwell? Have you taken his temperature? It might be worth a trip to the Doctor to get him looked at. He may have a bit of a bug, a sore/tickly throat etc. At least if you take him to the Doctor you can find out what's going and then know how to treat him if he is unwell.

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    He did have a temperature the other day but it came back down again and it has been hot here as well. I think he does have asthma and it's to do with the weather as he was wheezing again and once i gave him the inhaler he seemed much better.

    But if he is still the same by the weekend i will take him to the docotrs.

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    Kids can also sense when things are going on as well, so he may be playing up knowing there is major changes happening. Just a thought.


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    I had to take Alex to the hospital today as he came up in a rash and it was all over his check on his penis and starting to come on his back. The nurse when i arrived said it's only a heat rash. when i got to see the doctor she said he has a virual infection and he had to have a chest x-ray done and it showed some inflamation on his lungs and his oxygen levels where low but he was okay to come home but if he gets worse i have to go straight back in.
    Now i know why he hasn't been sleeping for the last few days.

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    Oh no Michelle sorry to hear Alex is so unwell, keeping my fingers cross he`s on the mend, Hugs to you both.

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