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Thread: TV show wanting to speak to new first-time mums about...

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    Default TV show wanting to speak to new first-time mums about...

    ... your nursery. If you would be interested in speaking to a well known TV show about your nursery, please email me and I will forward your details to them. Prefer Melbourne but Sydney is do-able.

    They are after nearly due mums or brand new mums (first timers) who are nursery crazy - so if you are buying up big or going crazy with a theme, let me know. They want to know if you are trying to create atmosphere etc - your motivations and why you are doing it all really They will contact you with answers, I am just passing the details on. [email protected]

    Kelly xx

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    Bummer I am in Perth as I am nursery mad!

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    I would do it... but I didn't go mad... I have a whole theme going on, but didn't spend up big!!!

    So I guess I dont really fit the profile there!

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