thread: Undesended testes.....

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    Undesended testes.....

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has had a baby boy born with undesended testes.....

    When Corey was born they said that the one on the left hadn't desended yet. And wasn't any cause for concern until the child is one.

    However yesterday i took Corey to the health centre for a check-up and the nurse said it still hasn't come down and she wasn't happy about it.

    I am now starting to panic as she wants me to go to my GP next week and she said she will refer Corey to a specialist....... if it's no cause for concern til he is one why would they be sending him to a specialist at 3 weeks old ? Is this just to keep an eye on it ? Or is it really more serious at this age then i think?

    Anyone who has experienced this i would be very grateful to hear your stories and outcomes.

    Take care Leah

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    Leah I'm sorry to hear about whats happening. Its so hard when one health professional says things are okay and then the next worries about it and gives us more stress. I haven't had experience with a baby boy but I do have some animal knowledge if it helps at all...

    Often times male puppies have undescended testes and the "drop" before they reach 6 months, sometimes they don't & we often do surgery but at the vet clinic its part of desexing the dog. I do know its common in male dogs.

    And on the MCHN advice too, I had one very concerned about Matilda's vagina and so worried she called a paediatrician in to have a look, the paed took a look & said "whats wrong with it?" and said it was all okay, just shaped differently in the back but not unusual... so maybe the MCHN hadn't had as much experience with it...

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    Hi Leah,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have been made to worry so much about this! I know its easier said than done, but try not to stress too much just yet... I would tend to go on the advice of what you were told in hospital rather than the MCHN, but thats just me. Hopefully your appt with the specialist will just confirm that Corey's teste will most likely 'drop' on its own, and they will also give it a while longer to do so, before discussing other options.

    Hopefully there are other people here that have been through the same thing?

    Goodluck sweetie, and please let us know how everything goes.

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    Nov 2004

    Hi Leah,

    Neither of Alex's had descended at birth. When we went to the GP visit at 6 weeks he shone the torch through his skin there to prove it! To be honest, I wasn't even aware they hadn't come down, shows how much I know. Then within a few days, there they were! Just fell into the scrotum on their own.
    At the time the doctor said it is normal and not to worry - but after a year then surgery may be required.

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    Jan 2005

    Thanks girls for your replies.

    Deb- thanks for sharing Alex's story with us, i am relieved to know that Alex was six weeks before his testes fell into the scrotum.I am relieved because Corey is not even three weeks yet so we do still have some hope that it will drop on it's own.

    Fletch- I was also told to take Corey to my gp to have his heart checked so i have got him booked in next Friday, it must just be a routine check now- i didn't have to take Aaron to get checked when he was born 3 years ago( although i have since found out he has a slight heart murmur).
    As for the weight loss Corey lost 310gms in two days i was horrified but the midwives didn't seem overly concerned. He is now on formula and put on 220gms in two days so he is going really well now.

    Ambah- thanks for your advice and i will let you know how things go. Hopefully it will all be good.

    Christy- thanks for your help and i know exactly what you mean about one person worrying us sick about something, and then have the next person come along and say "everything looks perfectly normal". It is so frustrating at times and i often wonder if any of them actually know what they are talking about- obviously they do but at times i find it hard to believe that two people in the same profession could give you such different advice.

    Sorry this is so long . Thanks again for your advice and help with this little problem.

    Take care Leah