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Thread: Unsettled baby - six weeks

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    My baby was Six weeks last Thursday and things have been a little difficult here my baby (Kyana) seems to be very unsettled most of the time atm and I'm at my wits end trying to work out whats wrong with her she just crys soooo much I've given her Braurers colic relief that didn't work I've given her infants friend and that seems to be doing nothing - I've had her on coloxyl, she has chronic reflux and is on a medicated formula (Neocate) and I also give her about 1ml of Zantac a day to help and I just don't know - any of the experienced mums out there got any thoughts.

    I spoke with the MCHN and she think's it's a bit of colic or she's getting my other daughter's (Shynelle) cold but she doens't have temp nor does she have a runny nose?????

    I can't get to the dr's with her atm so I'm just trying to stay calm and work out what it could be naturally - she's having loads of problems doing no.2's but has heaps of wet nappies......

    She wants to sleep but wakes after only about 1/2 an hour crying like she's in pain and does pull her legs up and is more comfortable on her tummy but sometimes nothing works.

    Kyana is more settled throughout the night (which helps me to sleep because as you could understand I'm exhausted by the end of the day especially with an active two year runny around all day also). She starts being unsettled from about the first feed of the day until about 5pm in the evening just in time for DH to get home and wonder why I'm all stressed cause she's sleeping fairly peacefully!!!!

    Any comments woud be appreciated or am I going crazy and I've just got abit of a screamer and I need to get over it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dd311
    I've had her on coloxyl, she has chronic reflux and is on a medicated formula (Neocate) and I also give her about 1ml of Zantac a day to help and I just don't know - any of the experienced mums out there got any thoughts.
    I think you have probably answered your own question. I'm no reflux expert but is she better when she's in he bath? If it is the reflux have you raised her cot a little to help? (prop a rolled up towel under the mattress) You are quite OK to be feeling stressed - it's hard work, especially when they are screaming all the time! Get her to the Dr's and get them to check her out. If it is the reflux they may be able to help a little with something else.

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    Your bubba sounds very similar to mine over the past couple of days...and I also have other children to worry about....hopefully it is just cause of a growth spurt or something. My little one has mild reflux and I found elevating the head end of his mattress a great help. They also suggest keeping them upright for 20mins after a feed, but realistically who has time for this?? They say coloxyl drops are the best thing for no 2's, so I'd continue with these and if in doubt go to a dr (if only for reassurance)

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    As the other ladies say, Raise the head of the bed, and keep upright after a feed, for as long as you can. Gee, I can sympathise with you though, as DS had Colic and Reflux as a newborn. His colic started at 4pm EVERY DAY!!! Its so hard to know what to do. But my sister put her daughter on Coloxyl, and this made her constipation worse, so It may be that?? I think, not sure though check with CYHN, that you can give them cooled boiled water with a LITTLE bit of soft brown sugar in it, for constipation. Please check this out with the nurse first though, and how much to give. Perhaps even call out a locum, if you cant get to the docs, just to get her checked out.
    I hope you get some relief soon, and its understandable that you are feeling stressed, so dont feel bad hun.
    Good luck, let us know how you go and what works

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    I thought Kaitlyn had reflux as she was an EXTREMELY unsettled baby ...drove me nuts in the beginning and I tried everything. Lucky for her it was just time that she needed and she settled into life within about 4months.

    I would just go to the Drs as soon as you get a chance...just for your own piece of mind if anything ..and hopefully an answer!.


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