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Thread: URGENT help please!!!

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    Definately is ok Tegan. Just remember to keep adding more cool water to keep it much cooler than his skin. Also keep checking the burn with your hand to see if the heat is out - the aim is to get the heat out of the skin to stop the burning. Also, the water doesn't need to be cold - just tepid.



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    soz, off topic, but what does HTH mean MG??

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    catriona - HTH means hope that helps

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    DD and DS have had 3 baths today and i still cannot get the heat out of the sunburn. I even gave myself a long cold shower on my sunburn (which is now worse than DS ) which felt great while i was in there but when i got out the sunburn was as hot and burning as ever, like it made it worse?

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    You poor thing Tegan. It might have felt worse for a couple of reasons:
    * You might have had the water a little warm which put heat back into it (often not noticed until you get out)
    * the environmental temp might have made it feel hotter therefore burning.
    * If you were standing near something that was putting off heat, it may have affected it.
    * you may have scrubed/aggrevated the skin in the shower which can cause a sensation similar to burning. This is actually a good thing in terms of burns because it means the nerve endings are still in tact. Even the feeling of the water hitting the burn site can be enough to do it.

    If you're still unable to get the heat out by morning (or if you have a GP clinic open late tonight), I'd pop in just for a check up for the burn sites. Hang in there - hope it feels better soon.


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